Top 7 Recall Management Software of 2024

Why use SafetyCulture?

Recognized as one of the most versatile cloud-based platforms, SafetyCulture stands out as a recall management software. First, it caters to every stage of the supply chain, from manufacturers to retailers, enabling full collaboration among everyone involved. Secondly, it is scalable and easily integrated so that companies can handle the complexity of any scenario. Most importantly, its mobile-first architecture allows users to access relevant information and manage processes wherever they are, even offline. With SafetyCulture, manufacturers, quality assurance teams, and customer support personnel can manage product recalls more efficiently. 


  • Conduct recall-related inspections, inventories, and other relevant activities with customizable templates and keep a detailed record of the activities for compliance and analysis.
  • Track the geographical distribution of affected products for targeted recall efforts and instantly notify relevant parties once initiating the recall. 
  • Get real-time visibility and insights into the supply chain to analyze trends and root causes, which improves product quality and prevents future recalls.
  • Allow different departments to collaborate efficiently during a recall by delegating jobs and assigning tasks ahead of time. 
  • Gain relevant information from various sources by enabling seamless integration with the company’s existing system and other applications.

Why use AssurX?

A comprehensive quality management system, AssurX has been recognized by industry analysts for its excellence in compliance and quality management. By simplifying reporting, investigations, and product tracing, it became the go-to digital tool for the pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.


  • Deviation and Non-Conformance Management 
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions 
  • Complaint Handling

Why use QT9 QMS?

This ready-to-use and highly scalable QMS platform is widely adopted by users across diverse industries globally, mainly because it streamlines recall processes and improves real-time collaboration. With the help of QT9, companies can protect themselves from legal issues and protect consumers from defective products.  


  • QMS Modules with Document Control 
  • CAPA Management
  • Non-conformance and Deviation Management

Why use Greenlight Guru?

A platform designed for managing the quality of medical devices, Greenlight Guru offers a tailored solution for recalls. It is one of the few software solutions with the latest FDA and ISO best practices specific to medical devices. Best of all, it has advanced document management, connecting all the required communications of a device recall.


  • Risk Assessment and Management 
  • Nonconformance Management 
  • Complaint Management

Why use TrackWise?

A highly-rated enterprise quality management system, Trackwise by Honeywell (formerly with Sparta Systems) offers one of the most effective recall management modules. On top of its comprehensive quality control features, current users commend the complaint management feature because this helps prevent costly recalls and unsatisfied customers, ultimately improving health and safety.  


  • Non-conformance and Deviation 
  • CAPA and Change Management
  • AI-Powered Insights

Why use SmartSolve?

Built for life sciences, IQVIA’s SmartSolve is an enterprise-grade QMS that helps companies manage medical product or service recalls. The vigilance platform functionalities facilitate constant monitoring of units released to the market. It ensures the quality and safety of said products and, if needed, the immediate round-up of faulty or contaminated items.  


  • Post-Market Surveillance 
  • Deviations and Nonconformance 
  • CAPA Management

Why use Cognition Cockpit?

Trusted by companies in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices, Cognition Cockpit is a cloud-based QMS highly acknowledged for its impact on improving product quality and compliance. With real-time traceability and guided design controls, companies can track malfunctioning medical items or tainted medications quickly and remove them from circulation.  


  • Automated Trace Matrix Creation 
  • Tracing Optimization 
  • Guided Compliance

What is Recall Management Software?

Recall management software is a specialized digital tool that streamlines the process of recalling products or services from the market. By tracking affected units efficiently, organizations address issues promptly and mitigate potential risks associated with defective or unsafe products. Aside from ensuring compliance with regulations and preserving the brand’s reputation, the system ultimately protects consumer health and safety. 


Product recalls can be daunting for manufacturers, often resulting in significant financial losses. However, manufacturers should make their best effort to mitigate the hazards of damaged, faulty, or contaminated goods for the health and safety of the public. Utilizing a high-quality recall management system is a must. Here are some specifics:

  • Better Data Analysis – The software solution provides detailed analytics on the root causes of recalls. Data collected from every stage of production allows organizations to identify patterns and trends contributing to product issues. With real-time insights, the company fosters good manufacturing processes
  • Rapid and Effective Response to Issues – With a digital platform, information is updated in real-time, allowing teams to stay synchronized, respond swiftly, and coordinate recall efforts efficiently. The seamless collaboration across departments, with retail partners and other stakeholders, ensures everyone is promptly informed immediately after initiating a recall. 
  • Improved Brand Reputation – Aside from swiftly coordinating the recall process and providing the necessary compliance documentation, the organization shows commitment to consumer safety. Facilitating clear and open communication also helps build trust and maintain brand reputation. 

Marley Spoon Australia, a recipe and meal box delivery service, utilizes a platform that can be used to prevent food recalls. As a pioneer in using data for its operational processes, the company successfully elevates food safety and quality, enhancing its compliance with industry regulations and increasing customer satisfaction.  

Key Features

Product recall management software enables companies to manage all related processes, including initiation, tracking, product origin tracing, batch identification, and more. For the platform to be effective, it has to have these essentials:

Choosing the Right Recall Management Software

The platforms detailed above can help your company navigate the complex processes of product recalls. Before making your final choice, take another look at the summary below: 

Recall Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
AssurX No Contact for pricing No
QT9 QMS No Custom quote Yes
Greenlight Guru No Contact for pricing No
Honeywell TrackWise No Contact for pricing Yes
SmartSolve  No Contact for pricing Yes
Cognition Cockpit  No Contact for pricing Yes

* billed annually

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