The Best HR Compliance Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is an all-in-one app for workplace management that could be a great way to supplement your HR compliance. With tools such as checklists, reports, analytics, and documentation, ensuring HR compliance is much easier. On top of that, it integrates with other HR compliance software to allow for a more streamlined and efficient process.


  • Conduct compliance audits and inspections in HR processes with smart checklists
  • Generate digital reports in PDF, Web, and other formats that are crucial in proving compliance
  • Report issues around HR compliance that the organization can address immediately
  • Communicate with the entire organization to keep everyone on the same page
  • Integrate with other HR compliance tools like ADP, BambooHR, and Gusto

Why use Zenefits?

Zenefits is designed to make managing the HR aspect of your business easy. The software has everything, from compliance tools all the way to time and attendance tracking, making it a great option for organizations looking to make managing HR compliance easier.


  • Time and attendance records
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Payroll management

Why use BambooHR?

BambooHR is a dedicated HR management tool that takes the hassle away from HR management. The software helps with onboarding and compensation while gathering crucial data and analytics. That way, ensuring HR compliance is much easier and more centralized.


  • Compliance management
  • Benefits management
  • Document management

Why use Compligo by KPA?
Compligo by KPA is designed for incident management and compliance tracking. With the software, it’s much easier to comply with regulations and guidelines, as you can handle all aspects of compliance from one place.


  • Centralized compliance management
  • Audit management
  • Incident management

Why use Gusto?

This is another all-in-one HR platform that helps you manage HR processes while ensuring compliance. The app helps with payroll, onboarding, and other aspects of HR management, making it a very good choice for modern companies.


Time and attendance management
Compliance tracking

Why use Rippling?

Rippling allows you to automate workflows and processes, which can save you a lot of time when managing HR compliance. Rippling handles everything, from attendance tracking all the way down to compliance. That way, you don’t need to jump from one tool to another to ensure compliance with local regulations.


  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Compliance management
  • Benefits management

Why use ADP SmartCompliance?

ADP SmartCompliance is one of the most popular and powerful HR compliance software on the market. Compliance management is just one of the app’s features, as it can help you with payroll and tax services. So, if you’re looking for an all-in-one option for your company, this is a great pick.


  • Comprehensive HR management
  • HR compliance tracking
  • Payroll management and tax filing

Why use Case IQ?

Case IQ (formerly i-Sight) is great for HR compliance as it’s a comprehensive incident management tool. With the software, you can report and prevent incidents in the workplace. That way, it’s much easier to determine problem areas in HR compliance.


  • Automated alerts
  • Compliance management
  • Risk management

What is HR Compliance Software?

Human Resources (HR) is a necessary but complicated aspect of running an organization. And for many companies, staying compliant with HR regulations is a must. That said, there are so many considerations to factor in when maintaining HR compliance that it’s easy for managers to get overwhelmed. HR compliance software is specifically designed to make it easier to follow regulations. That way, managers can remain in HR compliance easily, giving them more time for other crucial aspects of HR management.


Modern organizations must maintain HR compliance. To start, it’s important for the entire organization to abide by local rules and regulations around HR management. That way, they can avoid fines and consequences from outside agencies. On top of that, ensuring that all employees comply with HR rules is crucial for maintaining professionalism and a healthy workplace environment.

Since there are so many aspects to HR, maintaining compliance is hard. For many companies, HR compliance management takes up a lot of their time and effort. But if you have dedicated software to help you, the entire team will have much more time to focus on other aspects of HR.

Not only does good software save time, but it also saves you money and boosts efficiency. There are many benefits to adopting HR compliance software, and the team feels them almost instantly. So, if you’re looking to streamline HR compliance in your company, you might want to consider HR compliance software.

Choosing the Right Software

Rest assured that you can select any of the software featured above and expect great results. We’ve done the research and practiced due diligence to ensure that all the options on this list are top-quality. That said, it’s still important to choose the right option for your business. So, here’s a quick comparison of all the software on this list:

App Name Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Zenefits No $8/user/month Yes
BambooHR No Custom Yes
Compligo by KPA No Custom No
Gusto No $40/month + $6/user/month No
Rippling No $8/user/month Yes
ADP SmartCompliance No Custom Yes
Case IQ No Custom Yes

* billed annually

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