The 10 Best Facility Management Software 2024

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a facility management platform that facility managers can utilize for a variety of activities such as scheduling facility security assessments and inspections, managing assets, tracking work orders, and performing preventive maintenance.


  • Create and assign corrective actions within inspections and set the priority levels
  • Report issues using a QR code and organize them into custom issue categories
  • Generate comprehensive yet sleek reports with photos, locations, and e-signatures

Why Use ArcGIS?

ArcGIS is a highly advanced location-based analytics solution that gives facility managers the power to access and visualize key data. Facility managers can use it to map out the locations of their facilities, assets, and workers, as well as monitor their activities in real-time.


  • Track and manage assets using location intelligence
  • Predict service needs to efficiently maintain facilities
  • Coordinate quick and appropriate responses to issues as they emerge

Why Use Maintenance Connection?

Maintenance Connection is an automated facility management system that can help facility managers reduce the number of emergency work orders and increase equipment lifespan with its preventive maintenance module. Streamline both maintenance and inventory expenses using this software.


  • Monitor all aspects of facility management with ease
  • Organize and understand the workforce for higher efficiency
  • Schedule and track maintenance on different kinds of assets

Why Use NETfacilities?

NETfacilities is a facilities management software that provides users with the capability to know the cost of each work order. It is also a CAFM software that enables facility managers to submit work order requests and oversee their assignments. Managers can also use it to assess the effectiveness of their work order system.


  • Measure time and materials spent on work orders
  • Evaluate vendor compliance to minimize overall risk
  • Build customized workflows for asset maintenance

Why Use Fiix?

Fiix can help facility managers optimize the performance of their assets through easy-to-understand reporting and analytics. Gain deeper insights and take action based on data using Fiix Foresight, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine for maintenance.


  • Track metrics across all facilities with multiple dashboards
  • Integrate data from production and business systems*
  • Tag assets and parts using QR codes and barcodes

Why Use eSPACE?

eSPACE is a CAFM software that facility managers can use to keep track of everything from depreciation schedules to rental invoices. eSPACE is widely known for its great customer support, user friendliness, and efficient work order management system.


  • Schedule events and view them in a master calendar
  • Get reminders to replenish supplies and perform maintenance
  • Connect to various Internet of Things (IoT) facility systems

Why Use Maxpanda?

Maxpanda is a simple yet effective Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that facility managers can use to monitor planned maintenance with ease. Coordinate with staff, vendors, and customers using Maxpanda.


  • Scan QR codes to submit work order requests
  • Manage assets using an integrated resource library
  • Add both invoice item and tax types to invoices

Why Use ServiceChannel?

Facility managers can use ServiceChannel to maintain the efficiency of operations in all locations and visualize the performance of facilities in a centralized hub. Prolong asset uptime with timely maintenance and issue resolution powered by ServiceChannel.


  • Optimize spend by referring to asset history in a single view
  • Get the best vendors available using the Contractor Scorecard
  • Comply with environmental regulations and stay energy efficient

Why Use Corrigo?

Corrigo is great for both high-volume work order management and large-scale vendor management. Facility managers also appreciate its tracking capabilities, such as those for Certificates of Insurance (COIs), warranties, and budgets.


  • Determine repair and maintenance needs accurately
  • Keep records of dispatches with location-based check-ins
  • Minimize unnecessary expenses using machine learning

Why Use Asset Essentials?

Perform different types of maintenance using Asset Essentials. It also enables facility managers to manage assets based on data, and not guesswork. Measuring maintenance productivity and alignment with business goals is easy with Asset Essentials.


  • Monitor the use of parts and the reliability of equipment
  • Capture information and add it to a digital database
  • Integrate with ArcGIS to utilize a Geographic Information System (GIS)

What is a Facility Management Software?

Facility Management (FM) software or Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software is a tool used by facility managers to implement maintenance programs for assets, equipment, and facilities. It greatly helps in reducing inefficiencies and automating standard or routine processes so that the current workforce, budget, and schedule are all maximized, aiding facility managers in better handling of round-the-clock responsibilities.


Common features of facility management software include the following:

Price Comparison

Compare pricing of the best facility management software using the table below:

Software Free version Lowest paid plan monthly price Free trial for paid plan
SafetyCulture Yes $19 Yes, 30 days
ArcGIS Yes* N/A Yes, 21 days
Maintenance Connection None $199 Yes
NETfacilities None $45 None
Fiix Yes $45** Yes
eSPACE None ***Dependent on product selection Yes
Maxpanda None $118 Yes, 7 days
ServiceChannel None N/A None
Corrigo None N/A None
Asset Essentials None N/A None

*Noncommercial use only
**Basic plan
***Plus a one-time setup fee of $499

Best For Summary

Identify the best facility management software for you based on your industry using the summary table below:

Software Best For
SafetyCulture Teams of all sizes in all industries
ArcGIS Research organizations
Maintenance Connection Manufacturing facilities
NETfacilities Healthcare facilities
Fiix Oil and gas companies
eSPACE Event management teams of schools and churches
Maxpanda Educational institutions such as universities
ServiceChannel Retailers and restaurants
Corrigo Real estate businesses
Asset Essentials Membership organizations and retirement communities
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