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Published December 8th, 2020

What is ISO 17025?

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is the international standard that sets the requirements for the competency of laboratories in testing and calibration. Getting certified for the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard means that a laboratory is recognized to be technically proficient in testing and calibration and is performing at par with other internationally accredited peers in the industry. This certification also helps facilitate easier acceptance of test results and minimizes or eliminates the need for retesting.

This article will briefly discuss the following:

What is an ISO 17025 Checklist?

An ISO 17025:2017 checklist is a tool used by laboratory managers or metrologists to determine if a laboratory meets the required competencies for testing and calibration set by the ISO 17025:2017 standard. It contains the 5 main sections of the standard’s requirements: general, structural, resource, process, and management system requirements.

5 Practical Steps to Prepare for ISO 17025 Certification

To ensure that a laboratory is prepared for ISO 17025:2017 certification, a coordinated effort within the organization is required. Here are 5 steps to follow in preparation for third-party certification:

  1. Be familiar with the ISO 17025:2017 standard; if the organization chooses option B for the standard’s management system requirement, be sure to review the ISO 9001 standard as well.
  2. Conduct internal audits to determine gaps and discover areas for improvement.
  3. Analyze the audit results and use the information collected to train employees and align processes with the standard.
  4. Ensure that the audit results, changes in the processes, and laboratory and employee competencies are well documented.
  5. Contact a recognized third party auditor and apply for ISO 17025 certification.

Technology to Help Prepare for ISO 17025 Certification

Implementing processes that are aligned with the ISO 17025:2017 standard and providing documentation that the standard requires can be costly and time-consuming. iAuditor by SafetyCulture, the world’s most powerful auditing app, can help laboratory managers and metrologists save time and costs through efficient and mobile monitoring of laboratory competencies. With the iAuditor mobile app and software, you can:


Erick Brent Francisco

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