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Crane Inspection Checklists

Crane safety inspections can help ensure that operators, workers, and bystanders are protected against hazards associated with raising and lowering loads. Crane inspection checklists are a vital job aid in following safety procedures and to help identify equipment damage and defects prior to operating cranes. Use the iAuditor mobile inspection app to perform paperless inspections and automate your workflows. Get started by downloading this free collection of best practice crane inspection checklists and modifying it for your specific crane and worksite.

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Tower Crane Daily Operator Checklist

Use this template to inspect a tower crane before, during and after operational shifts. Begin by conducting pre-operation checks by recording work permits issued, evaluate operator’s competency and check emergency controls. Next, inspect the components of the crane by capturing photo defects and observe if safety measures were applied. Lastly, assess the post job operation to ensure that the crane is safely unattended. Provide final recommendations during end of shift to improve crane safety.

Overhead Crane Pre-Task Inspection

This template can be used by operators to conduct daily safety checks for overhead cranes prior to use at the beginning of each shift. Begin by conducting basic safety checks before touching the controls. Then conduct equipment checks for the bridge, hoist, trolley and runways to ensure there are no loose, broken or damaged parts. Next conduct safety checks for attaching and moving loads. Finally provide any observations or recommendations that should be reported to the next operator or safety official.

Overhead Crane Monthly Equipment Inspection

Ratchet and electric chain hoists need to be inspected monthly to ensure better crane performance. Use this template to perform a detailed equipment evaluation for overhead cranes, capture photos of defects and notify persons in-charge for immediate resolution.

OSHA Overhead and Gantry Cranes Checklist

This OSHA overhead and gantry crane checklist converted through iAuditor is used to ensure operators comply with mandated safety regulation. Use iAuditor to perform a digital inspection that thoroughly checks the crane equipment and its electrical connections. This will also cover testing and maintaining the working condition of all cranes before using it.

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