Digital Conference Room Equipment Checklists

Avoid equipment malfunction and shortage to ensure conference room functionality

What is a Conference Room Equipment Checklist?

A conference room equipment checklist is a tool used by conference or meeting room organizers to ensure that all appliances, materials, and fixtures needed for a scheduled function is available and ready for use. Using a checklist as part of the SOP when preparing conference rooms can minimize setbacks such as equipment malfunction, as well as missing or lacking items and equipment.

This article features: 1) what a conference room equipment checklist is; 2) reasons to use a digital conference room equipment checklist 3) free, ready-to-use templates to help make conference room preparation easy and hassle-free

3 Reasons to Use a Digital Conference Room Equipment Checklist

Assuming that routine tasks are mistake-proof due to repetition makes it vulnerable to human error. Below are some of the benefits of using a digital checklist for conference room preparation.

  • It helps with productivity and time management
    Starting a meeting and finding out that certain equipment, materials, or tools are missing or broken negatively affects the team’s productivity. Idly sitting by waiting for the organizer to scramble for the necessary items is a waste of everyone’s time. Using a checklist can help prevent this problem so meetings can proceed without a hitch.
  • It safeguards from memory lapses
    Thinking about the possibility of missing or forgetting something important can be stressful for the organizer. No matter how routine the task, the occasional memory lapse may still happen. A dedicated checklist can take the pressure off of organizers from having to memorize every essential detail and specification.
  • It motivates punctuality regarding deadlines
    Ticking tasks off of a checklist has been proven to trigger a dopamine surge in our brains. Eventually, the motivation to complete tasks self-perpetuate with the accomplishment of each new item on the checklist, resulting in the organizer being more likely to finish preparations on time, if not early.

Make Conference Room Auditing Easier with iAuditor

Meeting rooms and conference rooms are used regularly within organizations, which is why it’s important to ensure their full functionality. Using iAuditor, the world’s #1 inspection app helps assure staff that conference rooms are fully equipped to meet their needs so meetings can proceed without any setbacks.

  1. Download ready-to-use conference room equipment checklists, or easily create and customize your own via Smart Forms.
  2. Perform conference room equipment audits via your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere, even while offline. Your data will automatically sync to the cloud once you connect to the internet.
  3. During audits, take pictures and annotate them for clarity.
  4. Assign corrective actions to personnel and set priority levels for quick resolution.
  5. Automatically generate reports after completing an audit and easily share with management and concerned personnel.