Digital Air Compressor Maintenance Checklists

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Mobile solution for routine air compressor maintenance checks

Air compressor maintenance is the routine preventive inspection of air compressors used in different industries. Using air compressor maintenance checklists, engineers and safety officers conduct air compressor preventive maintenance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to ensure the reliable and optimum operation of air compressors.

Conducting air compressor maintenance consistently, however, has some challenges and failure to complete it regularly can lead to the costly operation of air compressors.

This article will briefly discuss (1) the 3 main reasons for conducting air compressor maintenance, (2) challenges to conducting compressor maintenance checks, and (3) technological solution to said challenges.

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Air compressors vary and are used in multiple industries, but all of them need preventive maintenance checks to ensure efficient energy distribution to appropriate equipment. Here are the 3 main reasons for conducting air compressor maintenance checks:

#1. Maintain efficiency

Air compressors are expected to operate at optimum levels within the expected run time. Scheduled air compressor maintenance by engineers can help catch issues that lead to inefficiency, such as prolonged run time or lower compressor capacity caused by possible leakage from safety relief valves or suction valves.

#2. Ensure safety

Depending on the air compressor type, unchecked air compressors can have condensed water buildup which can lead to internal corrosion and cause equipment to weaken and explode unexpectedly. Overheating of air compressors can be caused by clogged components or lack of ventilation. Conducting air compressor preventive maintenance checks can help safety officers proactively catch problems to avoid compromising the safety of workers.

#3. Ensure compliance

International standards such as ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety require proof of equipment maintenance that help ensure the safety of employees. Conducting regular preventive maintenance inspections of air compressors and having proof through recordkeeping can help organizations stay compliant with international safety standards.

Preventive maintenance checks of air compressors help keep them efficient and safe to operate. Proper recordkeeping of air compressor maintenance, however, is sometimes neglected or not completed regularly. iAuditor, the world’s most powerful inspection app, is a mobile solution that can help address these challenges and more:

Inspections not conducted

Air compressor maintenance checks can be regarded as inconvenient and not given due priority because of other urgent daily tasks.

iAuditor solution:

Real-time reporting feature encourages timely completion.

Mobile inspections are convenient to conduct anytime anywhere.

Lack of scheduling

Routine daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly maintenance checks can be forgotten.

iAuditor solution:

Air compressor preventive maintenance checks can be scheduled using iAuditor and the administrator will know if a scheduled task is past due.

iAuditor’s scheduling feature reminds engineers and safety officers when a preventive maintenance check is due and shows the time window for completion.

Overlooked issues

Issues can stay unchecked and unreported.

iAuditor solution:

Use mobile digital checklists to conduct thorough compressor checks and take photos and notes of issues found.

Immediately assign corrective actions to tasks with corresponding urgency and deadline.

No recordkeeping

Daily maintenance checks are filed and forgotten, if they are even logged at all.

iAuditor solution:

Maintenance reports are automatically saved in cloud storage for easy recordkeeping.

Easily share via weblink or PDF document viewable on a mobile device or desktop.

Air Compressor Maintenance Tool
Air Compressor Maintenance report

Top 3 Air Compressor Maintenance Checklists

1. Air Compressor Maintenance - Reciprocating Compressor

An air compressor maintenance checklist is used for the routine preventive inspection of air compressors. It helps engineers and safety officers conduct daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly compressor preventive maintenance to ensure the efficient operation of air compressors. With iAuditor, you can:

  1. Use mobile devices to take photos and make notes on issues found.
  2. Immediately assign corrective actions.
  3. Automatically save and submit reports in PDF document or via weblink.
  4. Customize digital templates according to the type of air compressor to be inspected.
  5. Schedule and designate preventive maintenance checks.
  6. Conveniently review all inspections done.

2. Compressor Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Use this compressor preventive maintenance template to inspect multiple air compressors in operation. Use the dynamic button to enter as many compressors as possible. Take photos and include notes for each equipment.

3. Air Compressor Safety Inspection Template

An air compressor safety inspection checklist is used for periodic checks of compressors to ensure their continued safe operation.