The Best Work Instruction Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture offers the best digital work instruction software today, thanks to practical applications like easy-to-follow templates that users can review before performing specific tasks in the workplace. Aside from the sequential outline of the process, these templates also include work related-hazards, safety protocols, and emergency plans. This is also one of the few platforms that offer work instruction software free of charge, with a particular version for small teams.


  • Explore the extensive Public Library that stores thousands of specific checklists, forms, and templates for well-ordered daily operations.
  • Share new or updated instruction templates with digitized workflows.
  • Use API and integrations to streamline workflows and related instruction and pull relevant information from external repositories.
  • Flag issues encountered in a particular process using QR codes, properly document these with photos and videos, and immediately disseminate the report to the rest of the team.
  • Assign actions quickly to resolve issues, such as changing a step in the process for improvement.

Why use Dozuki?

Dozuki’s manufacturing work instruction software is highly-favored in numerous industries, including heavy equipment, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals with biotechnology. This app can reduce changeover times, employee onboarding times, and overall labor costs.


  • Automated workflows
  • In-line data capture with quality checks
  • Standards training

Why use Poka?

This platform facilitates the building and sharing of standards across numerous teams. Over a thousand companies all over the world have benefited from their Training Within Industry (TWI) lessons which complement standard operating procedures.


  • Multimedia support
  • Auto-translation
  • Ease of access with QR codes

Why use JEM by eFlex?

eFlex understands that manufacturing systems of varying scopes and complexities are continuously transforming. Their JEM software helps companies digitize workflows and have complete control over processes for operational improvement.


  • Full visibility with real-time dashboards
  • Seamless connection to smart tools
  • Complete integrations

Why use VKS?

VKS solutions drive profitability through automated data collection and proper monitoring of productivity. Designed by manufacturers for manufacturers, employees can learn work instructions in just three hours.


  • Templates and mass updates with interactive annotations
  • Data collection with user signatures
  • Integrations and IoT

Why use Operations 1?

Established only in 2017 in Germany, this IT solutions group has grown to become a leading work instructions software provider by simplifying operational procedures through smart data collection and comprehensive analytics.


  • Search processes with QR code scans
  • Media editor and visual documentation
  • Multi-language capabilities

Why use Tecnomatix?

A well-renowned tech provider of electronics and semiconductors, Siemens has developed Tecnomatix, a smart manufacturing software that streamlines the delivery and execution of work instructions for various industries, from aerospace and defense to medical devices and pharmaceuticals.


  • 2D and 3D authoring and viewing
  • Process documentation
  • Revision management

Why use SwipeGuide?

To simplify the complexities in the manufacturing world, SwipeGuide devised a way to standardize operating procedures and make it easier for organizations’ front liners to learn these efficiently.


  • Template-based applications with drag-and-drop editing
  • Approval workflows
  • Robust API and integrations

Why use Vuforia Expert Capture?

PTC, backed by its 30-year experience, continues to help companies navigate the constantly changing manufacturing landscape with digital solutions like their Vuforia Expert Capture work instructions that aim to optimize the workforce.


  • Fast and easy documentation and authoring
  • Real-time data capturing
  • Integrated reporting for better traceability

Why use Smart Work Station?

Smart Work Station by Andonix achieves a high return on investment (ROI) in just days by minimizing disruptions, reducing errors, and boosting production by fast-tracking frontline training.


  • Easy content creation of digital SOPs
  • Digital Andon card for issues identification and resolution
  • In-app chat and communication

What is a Work Instruction Software?

Work instruction software is a digital tool that equips workers with a detailed guide to a particular operational process so employees can complete their tasks efficiently. Used in various industries, this reduces on-the-job errors, improves work quality, and ensures safety.


Work instruction is a crucial process analysis tool used by organizations to ensure that a particular process is detailed and actionable. Unfortunately, continuing on paper-based systems is much too complicated and time-intensive. Organizations must update digital work instruction software to meet the needs in these fast-changing times.

  • Create a central repository of documents – There is no need to keep thick reams of instructional guides in oversized metal cabinets. Digital versions can be easily stored in local servers or the cloud and remotely accessed when needed.
  • Share knowledge efficiently – Information may be accessed anytime and anywhere, and employees can be updated about updates or changes instantly without disrupting operations.
  • Learning is made easy – On top of sequential guides, adding visual aids (photos, videos, and interactive quizzes) can be instructive and engaging.
  • Collect feedback quickly – If workers find fault in the process, they can immediately inform their managers for corrections.
  • Ensure consistency – Companies can reduce discrepancies in the process because applications often require permissions before making any revision.

Key Features

If you’re planning to upgrade your work instruction systems, you will never go wrong with choosing top-rated ones. Here are the elements the best work instruction software has:

  • Digitized workflows
  • Standardized instruction templates
  • Scalability for future revisions
  • Process and version control
  • Document permission and sharing
  • Multimedia supplementation
  • Reporting and analytics
  • API and Integrations
  • Communication and information dissemination
  • Microlearning on mobile platforms

Choosing the Right Software

Do consider the current needs of your organization before signing up with any app provider. And before you take that plunge, take another look at the ten best work instruction software.

Work Instruction Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month Yes
Dozuki Yes Available upon request Yes
Poka No $16/month Yes
JEM by eFlex No Available upon request No
VKS No Available upon request Yes
Operations 1 No Available upon request Yes
Tecnomatix No Available upon request Yes
SwipeGuide No $349/month Yes
Vuforia Expert Capture by PTC No Available upon request Yes
Smart Work Station by Andonix No Available upon request Yes
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