10 Best Tracking Tools

tracking tool for equipment

Why Use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is an inspection app that allows you to manage your employee’s safety and equipment’s maintenance with checklists and scheduled inspections. As a tracking tool, SafetyCulture also has sensors that you can integrate with the app to track your different tools and assets and monitor them in real-time. Through the app, you can report and assign issues on-the-go and scan QR codes and barcodes. You can also use the Heads Up feature to share any issues or updates to a wider audience in your organization. Best for all industries and organizations looking to manage both equipment and staff safety.

How to Use SafetyCulture as Your Tracking Tool

  1. Convert an existing paper checklist or create one from scratch.
  2. You can now use your digital form anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet even while offline. You can also distribute the form to the appropriate personnel through the SafetyCulture form app.
  3. Once completed, the data from the digital form is automatically uploaded to the cloud to serve as your backup. If your inspection or assessment was done offline, the data will automatically sync the next time you connect to the internet.
  4. You can generate digital reports of your completed forms even while offline. These reports can also be distributed automatically to select personnel once a form or template is successfully completed. Reports can be exported in various formats for distribution.
  5. Lastly, SafetyCulture form builder can be integrated with external Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Excel Online to automate your workflow each time a form is completed.

Why Use EZOfficeInventory?

EZOfficeInventory is a dedicated asset management software targeted towards offices with multiple assets. They offer asset tracking solutions, control, and maintenance to improve office workflows and asset lifespans. This app is best for office managers who want a dedicated asset management software to track asset life cycles.


  • Unlimited users on all paid plans
  • Mobile application available for iOS and Android
  • API integration
  • Internal calendar and work order forms available
  • Built-in tracker for checking in and out of assets
  • Scheduled alerts for maintenance

Why Use Aptien?

Aptien is a cloud-based office solution software that helps professionals with projects, tasks, and workforce management. Aptien also allows you to manage an inventory of your tools, schedule their maintenance, and assign personnel to keep them in good condition. This app is best for organizations that need a system to help them manage an inventory of all their tools in one place along with project and task management.


  • Easily accessible anywhere with internet
  • Audit and client management
  • Barcode scanning
  • Data mapping
  • Project management

Why Use AssetTiger?

AssetTiger is a cloud-based asset management and tool-tracking software that helps business owners manage their assets, schedule their maintenance, and track when and where they are used. Managers can also use AssetTiger software to store and monitor contract due dates, license expirations, and audit lists. This app is best for asset managers looking to manage their tools for free.


  • Mobile application available for iOS and Android
  • Unlimited number of users can access one account
  • Import and export of Excel files
  • Easy to customize
  • Essentially free for life if you have 250 assets or less

Why Use Asset Essentials?

Dude Solutions is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) focused on equipment maintenance and usage. Their Asset Essentials™️ software helps streamline all asset management tasks such as maintenance and tracking. This app is best for managers who require asset maintenance for assets that are far from the warehouse or the company.


  • Mobile application available for iOS and Android
  • Predefined dashboard available for managing budget reports and graphs
  • Map view available for tracking assets
  • Ability to create work orders in-app

Why Use IBM Maximo Application Suite?

IBM Maximo Application Suite is a general asset management tool for enterprises. With the help of automation, it can conduct inspections for you through its Visual Inspection feature, allowing you to focus more on asset maintenance. This app is best for larger organizations that want to automate their asset management.


  • Cloud integration
  • Asset inspections and management with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Analytical reports
  • Observational reports and suggestions for predictive maintenance

Why Use Toolhound?

Toolhound is a web-based tracking tool management software that also serves as an inventory library. Their main target audience are those in the fields of mining, construction, and industrial work. This app is best for organizations that are looking for a way to create a tool inventory for handheld tools specifically.


  • Has RFID and barcode scanning
  • Tracks the movement of tools and who are using them
  • Has the option to alert management when tool inventory is low or needs a maintenance check
  • Can set rental rates, give discounts, and create sales reports based on the state of the tools

Why Use GigaTrak?

GigaTrak is a digital tool tracking system that allows for an unlimited number of tools and assets to be tracked at any given time. Using their barcode-scanning system, you can keep track of your inventory with GigaTrak from any handheld device and access your data at any time. This app is best for managers who need staff at multiple locations to check different inventories.


  • Mobile application available for iOS and Android
  • Option for customers to self-host and control everything themselves
  • Option to also manage assets and who uses them
  • Maintenance and repair tracking

Why Use Fishbowl Inventory?

Fishbowl Inventory is a warehouse inventory management solution for small to medium-sized businesses. As part of their inventory management solution, they also provide asset tracking to better manage inventory stocks, monitor food expiration dates, and track the delivery of goods and supplies. This app is best for companies that have large warehouses and need assistance in managing their stocks.


  • Order management
  • Barcode printing and scanning for inventory items
  • Multiple ways to track assets
  • Integrations with QuickBooks, Shopify, Amazon, and more

Why Use Fracttal One?

Fracttal One is a CMMS software that specializes in asset maintenance. It allows you to track all your assets in one place, schedule their maintenance and usage, and see the data in reports. This app is best used by for performing general maintenance checks on assets frequently.


  • QR code and Near Field Communication (NFC) scanning
  • Mobile application available for iOS and Android
  • Real-time email and in-app notifications
  • Integration with Google Suite and Excel available

What are Tracking Tools?

Tracking tools are used for monitoring the movement and changes of different equipment, sensors, vehicles, and cargo. Sometimes called a tracking system, locating system, or an asset management system depending on the business’s needs, tracking tools rely on different forms of hardware and software to work, such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), radio-frequency identification (RFID), Electronic Product Code (EPC), and geotagging.

Benefits of Using Tracking Tools

Using tracking tools can be beneficial for different kinds of businesses. Their most common use is to track the distance traveled of cargo transported to and from warehouses, as tracking tools help the staff on both ends of the transaction ensure that the goods will arrive at their destination in good condition. Tracking tools can also assure safety in the workplace, as with the help of digital reports and integrations with sensors, any incidents encountered along the way can be picked up by sensors or other technology.

Another benefit of using tracking tools is that they can help maintain ideal temperatures for shipping goods with specific temperature requirements. Additionally, having your sensors connected to a digital workspace can help you track the temperature of your goods on the go. Tracking tools are also able to notify you of any issues happening in transit, which can prompt you to address them immediately.

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