The 7 Best Permit to Work (PTW) Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a great option for any company looking to upgrade its permit to work system. This app comes with all the features you’ll need to streamline your permit to work system and boost safety. For example, you can create digital work permits using ready-made permit to work templates, use inspection checklists to ensure that all employees follow proper protocols when working, report issues in your PTW system, and gather insights and data to determine the best ways to improve your PTW workflow.


  • Quickly accomplish permit to work forms from your mobile device and have them electronically signed by your supervisor
  • Generate and share completed work permits in PDF, Excel, and other file formats
  • Assign tasks to address identified issues and non-compliant practices during operations
  • Train employees on all safety information and working practices they need when performing dangerous tasks
  • Communicate critical alerts and announcements with the entire organization through Heads Up

Why use INX Sitepass?

INX Sitepass is a comprehensive software that comes with a specific permit to work module. This allows organizations to handle permits to work directly on the app. That way, every workers that performs hazardous tasks has conducted the appropriate risk assessments and has undergone the training to perform the task as safely as possible. This app puts you in control of safety management, which is why it’s a popular choice for many organizations.


  • Permit to work module
  • Customizable forms and checklists
  • Workflow automation

Why use Pro-Sapien?

Pro-Sapien is another very popular safety software that allows you to stay on top of your permit to work processes. It comes with a comprehensive feature set that makes it great for permit to work management and overall safety. If you want to make sure you keep your workers safe during hazardous activities, Pro-Sapien is a great option.


  • Permit to work management
  • Real-time reporting
  • Integrations

Why use IAMPermit?

This is a very special pick as it’s specifically designed for permit to work management. The software allows you to smoothly and easily approve and review permit to work requests. On top of that, it offers automated notifications so you can always stay informed and on top of different processes.


  • Custom forms and permits
  • Mobile access
  • Permit to work management

Why use Enablon Platform?

This permit to work software gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire operation. Aside from keeping workers safe, it also helps you stay compliant with relevant regulations. That way, you don’t get in trouble with the authorities, which can result in hefty fines and significant consequences. So, if you want to protect your workers and the entire organization, you may want to consider using this app.


  • Scalable modules for various jobs
  • Industry-specific configurations
  • Traceable permit-to-work schemes

Why use Quentic?

Quentic is an EHS software that comes with various features for processing permits to work. This unified system lets you take charge of different processes and ensure safety throughout the entire organization. Various Quentic modules are available for multiple use cases, so feel free to choose all the ones that fit your organization’s needs.


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Permit tracking
  • Custom forms and checklists

Why use Effivity?

Effivity is designed to make compliance easy. Aside from using a permit to work system, it’s important for businesses to abide by all the relevant safety standards. That way, they can show the public how well they follow certain regulations and abide by the rules. With Effivity, it’s much easier to do that while also managing your entire PTW system.


  • Permit management
  • Document management
  • File conversion

What is Permit to Work Software?

Permit to work systems are in place to ensure the safety of workers when conducting hazardous operations. In this system, workers are required to apply for a permit before performing certain tasks to ensure they have the appropriate training, qualifications, and safety equipment for the job. That said, running this system can be complicated. Permit to work software can help organizations manage permit requests and automate similar tasks so that the process is faster and more efficient.


Permit to work (PTW) systems are crucial for many companies. Specific industries deal with an added level of risk and more hazards than others. For instance, construction workers might need to complete jobs in confined spaces or under extremely high temperatures.

With a permit to work system, you can ensure that all workers performing hazardous tasks are trained and authorized for the job. This, in turn, improves safety and reduces the chances of accidents. To optimize this process for field workers and managers, it’s best to switch from paper-based procedures to digital solutions using permit to work software.

When you digitize your PTW workflow, it’s much easier to get the entire organization on board by making it faster to send and approve PTWs. This doesn’t just save effort, but it can also reduce operational costs, which is why you may want to consider using a permit to work software solution for your organization.

That said, your PTW software needs to have all the features your organization needs. Every organization has unique needs, so it’s important to assess your needs and find software options that satisfy those needs.

Choosing the Right Software

The following list of the best PTW software options is carefully selected among the ones available in the market based on extensive research. Rest assured that any app you choose will do the job very well. Still, it’s important to pick one that fits your organization’s needs.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different options we featured today to make it easier for you to choose.

Permit to Work Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
INX Sitepass No Custom pricing Yes
Pro-Sapien No Custom quote No
IAMPermit No $9,100/year Yes
Enablon Platform No Custom pricing No
Quentic No Custom pricing Yes
Effivity No $97/month* No

* billed annually

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