The Best ISO 45001 Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is the best choice for organizations to streamline their occupational health and safety management systems. This software provides comprehensive tools and features that help businesses implement and maintain ISO 45001 compliance. In addition to compliance, SafetyCulture iso 45001 software also offers a range of tools and features that can help organizations improve their overall safety performance. It includes incident reporting and management, risk assessment and control, employee training, and certification tracking.


  • Conduct health and safety inspections using pre-made checklist templates or custom forms
  • Identify areas of improvement by generating reports with actionable recommendations
  • Schedule audits and assign action items to team members
  • Make informed decisions about occupational health and safety policies with real-time safety metrics, insights, and trends
  • Ensure seamless data sharing through integrations with other third-party systems

Why use MyHRToolkit?

MyHRToolkit’s health and safety module allows HR teams to record accidents, track incident progress, and upload images as required. Additionally, there is a welfare tab where users can identify and assist employees who may require extra support in the workplace, such as lone workers, young workers, or pregnant workers/returning mothers with physical restrictions on certain tasks.


  • Compliance management
  • Incident management
  • Audits and inspections
  • Document control

Why use SafetyAmp?

SafetyAmp is a cloud-based safety management software that offers a comprehensive solution for tracking and reporting safety data. It provides features like monitoring key safety indicators, delivering safety insights, and improving safety outcomes. SafetyAmp’s platform supports a range of safety processes, including audits, inspections, incident management, training, document control, analytics, visitor and contractor management, and more.


  • Compliance management
  • Incident management
  • Audits and inspections
  • Document control

Why use WHS Monitor?

WHS Monitor simplifies the task of maintaining comprehensive records for safety-related information. The platform includes over 100 integrated safety-specific modules and grants users access to over 7 million proprietary safety documents and templates, which assist in creating and upkeep an efficient safety program.


  • Risk management
  • Incident management
  • Audits and inspections
  • Reporting

Why use BrightSafe?

BrightSafe supports various health and safety activities, including creating workplace COVID-19 safety plans, keeping workplace injuries and illnesses records, conducting incident investigations, and providing e-learning courses on various topics. They also offer a comprehensive risk assessment process, which allows users to create new assessments or adapt existing templates from their extensive library of over 250 samples for different safety situations, environments, and industries.


  • Hazard notifications
  • Risk rating to a task
  • Cloud storage
  • E-learning courses

Why use eCompliance?

eCompliance is a mobile-first EHS software solution enabling front-line workers to mitigate risk and uphold a safe work environment effectively. One of its notable features is the capability to track equipment using various identification methods, such as ID numbers, barcodes, or RFID, to ensure equipment safety for field crews. Additionally, it provides the means to incorporate equipment inspection and reporting processes into your digital safety management program, ensuring compliance with workers’ protective equipment (PPE) standards.


  • Incident management
  • Training management
  • Compliance management
  • Reporting and analytics

Why use Weever?

Weever is an operations management platform specializing in health and safety, quality, maintenance, production, and training. Their systems aim to streamline processes by replacing paper forms with digital tools supporting rapid, scalable, and sustainable organizational growth. The platform is grounded in three main areas: digital data capture, workflow management tools, and real-time reporting to enable management teams to achieve operational excellence.


  • Risk and hazard assessment
  • Machine breakdown analysis
  • Skills matrix
  • Reporting

Why use EHS Insight?

EHS Insight powers businesses by organizing work in one connected solution. EHS Insight offers the best value in EHS software for your industry-specific needs and goals—helping you run safer, more sustainable operations for ISO 45001 compliance.


  • Audit management
  • Document control
  • Corrective actions
  • Vendor management

What is an ISO 45001 Software?

An ISO 45001 software is a tool designed to help organizations comply with the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard, which focuses on occupational health and safety management systems. This software typically includes features such as hazard identification, incident management, risk assessment, and document control, all aimed at assisting businesses in implementing and maintaining a robust occupational health and safety management system.


Below are some key benefits of using ISO 45001 software:

  • Increased Compliance – An online safety management system can easily track requirements for several workplaces, ensuring that all procedures comply with the ISO 45001 standard.
  • Reduced Risk – By using a software solution to identify and address risks, organizations can reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring in the workplace.
  • Improved Efficiency – Automating safety management processes can help streamline operations, improving business efficiency and cost savings.
  • Reduced Costs –  Automated safety management systems can reduce costs associated with manual data entry, documentation, and reporting.
  • Improved Communication – An online system allows information to be shared quickly and securely between different departments, providing real-time updates on safety issues.
  • Enhanced User Experience – With an intuitive interface, organizations can ensure employees can access accurate safety information in a user-friendly environment.
  • A Better Public Image – A company with a reliable safety management system can improve its public image, which can be beneficial from a marketing perspective. It can attract customers who value safety and professionals seeking high-quality companies to work with.

Key Features

Below is a list of the main features you can expect to find in the best ISO 45001 software:

  • Mobile-friendly digital forms
  • Dashboards with real-time data
  • Health and safety reports and analytics
  • Storage and hosting of documents
  • Task assignment and action tracking
  • Customizable template for safety-specific tasks

Choosing the Best ISO 45001 Software

To help you find the best ISO 45001 software for your business, we’ve compiled a table comparing features like free versions, pricing, and mobile apps:

ISO 45001 Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
MyHRToolkit None £17.25 ($22)/month for up to 5 users Yes
SafetyAmp None Custom pricing Yes**
WHS Monitor None Custom pricing Yes
BrightSafe None Custom quote Yes
eCompliance None Custom pricing Yes
Weever None Contact for pricing None
EHS Insight None Custom pricing Yes

* billed annually
** iOS only

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