Top 9 Enterprise Survey Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Gauging employee and customer satisfaction is more smooth sailing when companies have the right tools. SafetyCulture is a top-rated software solution that enables organizations to conduct internal polls among workers from different teams across sites and inquiries with customers from various regional locations. Thanks to its comprehensive and scalable features, the platform is perfect for sweeping surveys without compromising performance or results. Best of all, it employs world-class security and governance controls, protecting respondents’ data and privacy. 

World-renowned event Australian Open leverages SafetyCulture to gather feedback from on-site spectators and work harder to provide the best customer experience.


  • Collect targeted data by creating questionnaires from scratch or digitizing existing documents that align with the respondent’s unique requirements using customizable templates, enabling photo and video attachments to add context to instructions, and providing an easily accessible repository for storage.
  • Facilitate timely decision-making by monitoring the influx of data and gaining real-time insights from the data gathered through robust analytics. 
  • Maintain consistency in all survey procedures by building better workflows and automating relevant administrative tasks like scheduling and sending notifications to respondents, minimizing stress and errors to the assigned personnel. 
  • Ensure that sensitive data is protected, subsequently complying with regulations, by keeping responses confidential and allowing access to authorized personnel only.  
  • Make surveys more accessible by utilizing scannable QR codes and enhance functionalities by integrating with third-party tools and systems, such as Power BI.

Why use SurveyMonkey?

Trusted by over 300,000 organizations worldwide, including some of the most highly-rated Fortune 500 companies, this versatile platform helps businesses create surveys from scratch and analyze them for better decision-making. With SurveyMonkey, users can gather accurate data, gain valuable insights, and get to know their employees, customers, and other stakeholders better.   


  • Question Bank 
  • Survey Logic for Personalization
  • Survey Reminders for Respondents

Why use Typeform?

One of the newest and most innovative survey builders today, Typeform aims to engage users and their respondents with engaging forms that are easy to create and answer. Aside from being a visually appealing and interactive tool, this software solution is easily scaled up or down and integrated with other tools, making it an all-in-one solution for businesses of any size.    


  • Personalized Interactions with Recall Information 
  • Insights and Optimization 
  • Notifications and Alerts

Why use Formstack?

Used by over half a million people in 112 countries, this online form builder digitizes paper forms like employee reviews, registrations, and even customer surveys and, most importantly, effectively keeps track of them in a central repository. Formstack’s best feature is that it is available as a suite or per application, providing businesses with options based on what they need. 


  • Data Collection with Drag-and-Drop Builder
  • Document Generation 
  • Legally-Binding Digital Signatures

Why use Alchemer?

Formerly SurveyGizmo, Alchemer succeeds in its aim to give workers and customers a voice thanks to its powerful survey and data collection platform. Focused on customization and flexibility, they allow their over 13,000 customers—some of which are Fortune 500 companies—to create highly tailored forms so they can gather accurate data and specific insights. 


  • Customized Survey Branding
  • Advanced Survey Logic and Analysis 
  • Offline or Kiosk Mode 

Why use Zoho Survey?

Part of the full-featured Zoho Suite, Zoho Survey is a no-nonsense form, survey, and quiz builder with robust analytics capabilities for evaluating responses so companies can gain remarkable insights and make better business decisions. Organizations that utilize other Zoho applications can use this module and not worry about disjointed integrations.   


  • Complete Survey Design Customization 
  • Offline Response Collection 
  • Question Randomization 

Why use Qualtrics XM?

This enterprise-grade survey platform has simple yet robust features for collecting and analyzing feedback. By making every interaction a significant experience for the responders, Qualtrics helps companies know what their customers and workers need so they can make better decisions on how and when they can deliver on those requirements.


  • Pre-built survey templates 
  • Stats iQ (AI-powered analytics)
  • Enterprise-grade security 

Why use Formsite?

 One of the most user-friendly web-based form creators, Formsite helps companies and individuals build customized surveys, polls, and questionnaires from scratch. Aside from drag-and-drop capabilities, it offers a range of customization options and features for collecting and analyzing data.


  • Customizable Form Builder 
  • Partial Responses with Save and Return 
  • QR Codes and CAPTCHA

Why use Sogolytics?

Considered one of the most comprehensive and scalable platforms for data collection and analysis, Sogolytics enables companies to create different surveys, forms, and polls based on their needs. Aside from its numerous features that provide top-notch customer experience, it also stands out because of its robust data security and affordability. 


  • Customizable Form Builder
  • Distribution and Collection
  • Desk Listening and Ticketing
  • Reporting and Analytics

What is Enterprise Survey Software?

Enterprise survey software is a digital solution specifically designed to create, distribute, and analyze surveys, such as process evaluations, employee feedback, customer satisfaction reports, and market research. This platform is a valuable tool for large organizations and vast enterprises that conduct surveys for numerous departments or with a global reach. Not only does this streamline relevant administrative workflows, but it also allows scalability and customization and caters to the complexities of data security and analytics. 


Conducting internal or public opinion polls or inquiries is an incredible feat due to various factors. Bias from respondents, ambiguous questioning, and unreliable data collection lead to inaccurate results. All these issues make the whole endeavor unproductive and lead to the wastage of precious company resources. The software solution addresses those problems and more. Here are a few specifics. 

  • Increased Customer or Employee Engagement – Thanks to advanced customization, companies can tailor their surveys to the specific needs of their workers or targeted audience. This ensures that the format and the actual questions are relevant and relatable. When respondents see that their personal preferences and opinions are understood and valued, they will take the time to answer. 
  • Real-time Insights – The software allows organizations to access and analyze the data immediately after, helping them address issues, enhance processes, and optimize strategies. This also gives them enough time to make timely decisions and interventions.
  • Guaranteed Compliance – Data security is one of the most crucial factors to consider when conducting surveys. Any breach results in broken trust and destroyed confidence in the company. Because the software streamlines data collection and highlights security, the company can ensure the privacy of its respondents, consequently adhering to strict industry regulations.

Key Features

Enterprise online survey software is usually offered as a module in more comprehensive platforms like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Environment, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) systems, and even Quality Management System (QMS). It can also be a stand-alone application—the more affordable alternative. Whichever you decide to get, make sure it has these essentials:

Choosing the Right Enterprise Survey Software

With the help of a full-featured digital platform, creating and conducting surveys for thousands of individuals and collecting and analyzing a massive store of data would be easier. Fortunately, any option discussed above will be an asset to your company for this particular task. 

Take another look at the enterprise survey software comparison below before making your final decision:

Enterprise Survey Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
SurveyMonkey Yes $25/user/month* Yes
Typeform Yes $25/user/month* Yes
Formstack  No $55/month* Yes
Alchemer No $55/user/month* Yes
Zoho Survey Yes $25/month* Yes
Qualtrics XM Yes Contact for pricing Yes
Formsite No $21/month* Yes
Sogolytics Yes $25/month* Yes

* billed annually

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