The Best Employee Training Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a comprehensive safety management platform that can also be used when onboarding employees. With features like digital training modules that fit into your worker’s schedule instead of disrupting it, you won’t have a hard time getting the team versed in your workflows. You can even schedule workflows and inspections, use checklists for creating training modules, and integrate the platform with your existing toolset.


  • Ensure a smoother workflow and more uniform process by training your employees on a singular platform
  • Plan comprehensive training sessions without leaving a stone unturned through the use of training checklists
  • Gauge whether or not additional training is necessary by generating data and analytics on employee performance before and after implementing the training program
  • Ensure smooth operations by integrating SafetyCulture with your existing workflows
  • Keep everyone on the same page by sending announcements, memos, and other important messages on Heads Up

Why use Litmos?

Litmos is a comprehensive eLearning tool that makes conducting employee training easy. The software allows you to create, distribute, track, and review employee learning materials. That way, managers have a bird’s eye view of their training programs and can make adjustments as necessary.


  • Custom course creation
  • Assessment and certification tools
  • Reporting and analytics on trainee performance

Why use TalentLMS?

TalentLMS is a fully customizable training software that you can tweak to your organization’s specific needs. The cloud-based program is easy to deploy and integrate with other systems while offering tools for employee onboarding, training, and skill development.


  • Gamification options
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Create customizable courses

Why use Docebo?

Docebo stands out as a scalable and easy-to-use training software that companies of all sizes would enjoy. The software allows you to create courses for 500 learners to thousands if necessary, making it great for large companies with large waves of new employees.


  • Learning experience customization
  • AI-driven content recommendations
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

Why use Lessonly by Seismic?

Lessonly is designed to allow employees to grow together as a team. The program helps create engaging learning activities that keep employees interested and absorbing new information. It also has tracking metrics, making it easy to gauge the performance of different employees.


  • Interactive course creation
  • Practice exercises and quizzes
  • Analytics and progress tracking

Why use Absorb LMS?

Absorb LMS is designed to deliver impactful training experiences to new employees. That way, they leave a lasting impression, allowing teams to retain information and skills much better. With a dynamic learning experience and simple interface, it’s easily one of the top platforms available today.


  • Social learning and collaboration features
  • Integrations with other learning platforms
  • Customizable courses

Why use Trakstar Learn?

Trakstar Learn creates a simple and easy learning experience. It’s a comprehensive online learning management system that allows you to take charge of all aspects of employee training. There are specific solutions for different industries, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your organization.


  • Learning management
  • Onboarding and upskilling courses
  • Reporting capabilities

What is Employee Training Software?

Employee training software is a digital platform that allows you to manage your employee training programs., track performance, and distribute learning materials to your team. You can use the software when onboarding new employees, conducting training for new processes, and ensuring that everyone in the organization has the knowledge and skills to maintain safety and efficiency in the workplace. There are software options that work for any industry, while there are also industry-specific solutions that require specific training programs.


Training employees is crucial in sustaining productivity, efficiency, and a healthy workplace environment. In the modern world, organizations must take their training to the digital space, as it allows for faster distribution of information, easier testing, and a much more engaging learning experience.

If you’re looking to maintain quality in your work while continuously improving processes, employee training is crucial. And with the right software, you can streamline your entire training process and elevate the experience for teachers and learners.

Key Features

It’s always best to choose software that has the features that your company needs. For example, if your training process involves regular testing, you may need to opt for software with assessment capabilities. That said, there are certain features you must have in your employee training software, which include:

  • Create and distribute training modules
  • Track trainee performance
  • Data and analytics
  • Scheduling
  • Integrations with other learning systems
  • Communication tools

Choosing the Right Software

Here’s a quick comparison of the apps featured above to make it easier to select the best pick for your needs:

Employee Training Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Litmos No Contact vendor for pricing Yes
TalentLMS Yes $69/month* Yes
Docebo No $25000.00/year Yes
Lessonly Yes Contact vendor for pricing No
Absorb LMS No Contact vendor for pricing Yes
Trakstar Learn Yes $4599.00/year Yes

* billed annually

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