The 7 Best Distributor Apps of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is all about setting the best standards for good distribution practice (GDP), evidenced by the practical functionalities they have integrated into their systems. From product storage and delivery to routine inspections for overall quality assurance, this distributor app equips the workforce with tech-appropriate resources to promptly and competently accomplish their tasks.


  • Download and customize easy-to-use distributor templates for data collection, audits, and inspections, ensuring that processes are aligned from start to finish.
  • Automate processes using QR codes for tracking products and sensors for warehouse monitoring.
  • Alert managers of issues during the distribution process using the app’s comprehensive incident reporting with media documentation for proper and expedited corrective actions.
  • Schedule routine maintenance and inspections with notifications and alerts.
  • Ensure direct and frequent communication lines with Heads Up to quickly disseminate relevant information to all stakeholders.

Why use Wix Enterprise?

Aside from being a successful website-building platform, Wix provides businesses with additional support for increased productivity. Wix Enterprise is a comprehensive IT solution with basic applications for managing product inventory, shipping, and delivery, among others.


  • Customizable templates
  • Workflow integration
  • Quick message translation

Why use Nautical?

This complete multi-vendor commerce platform focuses on the three invaluable elements of successful distribution—commerce, logistics, and fintech—and integrates with the appropriate digital tools.


  • Headless solution (quick and easy integration to the system)
  • Simple vendor onboarding
  • Payment and logistics orchestration

Why use Sendcloud?

Offered in Europe, this app is designed specifically for product shipping. It consolidates the various processes from check-out to possible returns in just one platform. Small to medium enterprises have given them 5-star reviews for their no-frills dashboard that can be set up in just a few minutes.


  • Optimized check-out
  • Flexible carrier options
  • Plug-and-play integrations with online stores

Why use Bautomate?

Just one of many Vinga software solutions, Bautomate digitizes various business processes, such as purchase order processing, and tailor-fits these to the needs of their clients. Their intelligent ecosystem utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for speed and efficiency.


  • Business process automation
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Document management

Why use Zoho Commerce?

A trusted brand in customer relationship management (CRM), the Zoho software helps businesses market products and run daily operations so that they are focused on building better relationships with their customers for increased productivity.


  • Workflow automation
  • Extensive integrations
  • Programs for deployment and migration

Why use ShipStation?

Processing over a million shipping labels from thousands of businesses, ShipStation is a great app for distribution because it provides companies the capability to consolidate orders, allowing customers to choose the channels based on their pre-configured options and ensuring constant communication lines between the two.


  • Comprehensive order management
  • Shipment tracking
  • Mobile order alerts

What is a Distributor App?

A distributor app is a digital tool used in sales and distribution to oversee inventory, handle orders, and track shipments, among others. This system replaces manual data entry, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in managing distributor information.


Maintaining good distribution practices is vital in various industries, especially in pharmaceuticals and food production. Manually inputting data into spreadsheets is not just laborious, this can also cause errors that may negatively impact the public. Minimizing risks caused by unfortunate mistakes requires smart solutions, which include distributor app use. Detailed below are its merits:

  • Streamlines operations – Digitizing data and workflows for various processes like stocking, inventory, and ordering improves productivity. Aside from the fact that IT solutions are way faster than traditional methods, time spent on double or triple-checking information, re-doing tasks, or rectifying mistakes can be used to focus on other work goals.
  • Effective inventory management – Imagine the time and effort spent just going through hundreds of items to change pricing, check expiry dates, or update sales promotions. Systems using QR codes and NFC tags can accomplish these tasks in just minutes with guaranteed efficiency.
  • Real-time tracking – Monitoring new orders, dispatched products, and recent payments can be viewed instantaneously, preventing costly and stressful delays.
  • Quicker response to issues – If any problems arise, the system immediately notifies the teams responsible and provides possible solutions to restore normal operations as soon as possible.
  • Better communication with stakeholders – Constantly keeping in touch with your distributors and sales representatives is made possible with chat-like timelines, ensuring that messages are received and well-understood whenever and wherever they are.

Key Features

There are hundreds of distributor apps available right now. Each has a set of special features that may or may not be practical in your industry or your current situation. But if you aren’t sure how to start your search, do make sure that it has the following essentials:

  • Comprehensive supplier management
  • Extensive inventory control
  • Logistics monitoring
  • Order management
  • Insightful analytics
  • Full integration with other platforms
  • Financial oversight
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Mobile-friendly

Choosing the Right Distributor App

If you have decided to shift from Excel spreadsheets or paper ledgers to a distributor app, congratulations! Your company will reap the benefits mentioned above very soon. But if you’re still wondering which of the top products suits you most, have another look at the list below:

Distributor App Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Wix Enterprise No $17/month No
Nautical No Available upon request No
Sendcloud Yes €40 (~$43)/month No
Bautomate No Available upon request No
Zoho Commerce No $14/user/month* No
ShipStation No $9.99/month Yes

* billed annually

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