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Improve Safety and Quality in the Construction Site by Going Paperless

Construction app is a construction quality management software designed to assist engineers, inspectors, and other construction professionals with their work assignments. It can be used for different aspects of construction, including the implementation and observation of safety and quality protocols. Foremans, managers, and site inspectors can use a construction app to collect data during site walkthroughs, safety checks, and observations.

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Eliminate paperwork by using the best digital inspection templates

Get rid of paperwork by converting your favorite safety and quality checklists into iAuditor’s digital format. You can also choose from our top pre-made construction templates or easily create new ones from scratch using our easy drag-and-drop template builder. Make inspections easy and hassle-free, even while offline.

Improve your standards of safety and quality

iAuditor allows you to schedule inspection assignments to appropriate personnel, which guarantees no critical checks and assessments are missed or skipped. The corrective actions feature lets you categorize issues by priority level, as well as notify the right people so serious problems are promptly rectified. You can also capture digital signatures to formally document completed assessments

Enhance operational insights with powerful analytics

Data gathered from individual inspections are compiled and pushed to iAuditor’s web platform in real-time to give you a visual overview of your performance. Use the powerful Analytics feature to filter data by time, date, location, department and more so you can identify areas of improvement and maximize your operation’s potential.

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How an App for Construction Promotes Site Safety?

Construction is arguably one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Working at elevated heights, moving objects, slips, trips, and falls; these are just some of the hazards that contribute to injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. These hazards, however, also have one common factor: they are all avoidable.

Safety and quality go hand-in-hand in construction management. Safety is achieved by following procedure, using the correct materials, and wearing the proper protective equipment (PPE). Quality, on the other hand, is determined by having the technical know-how, then doing fastidious work using the best materials. Getting these two things right can ultimately maximize your construction company’s potential.

Performing construction safety inspections with iAuditor construction app help promote and improve site safety. It helps in the early detection of health and safety hazards so that they can be reported and addressed immediately. Regular construction inspections help inspectors and safety teams recommend and implement corrective measures to protect workers from workplace accidents and threats. Aside from ensuring safety, these inspections also ensure that construction companies remain compliant with health and safety regulations.

iAuditor as Construction App: 5 Ways to Improve Safety and Quality

Create and Customize Scope of Work Templates for Construction Work

Construction projects cost a lot of money to execute., which is why it’s important that all personnel involved, including contractors, understand what’s expected of them. A Scope of Work (SOW) template is used to define and document the work to be done as agreed upon between a client and project manager. Simply put, it keeps everyone on the same page from the start to the completion of the project. iAuditor is a versatile app that allows you to:

Create a scope of work for your construction project using our pre-made template here. Click here to see a sample SOW for a kitchen remodeling project.

Perform Construction Risk Assessments to Identify Site Hazards

In order to set your workers up for safety, you need to be aware of the hazards at your construction site. A thorough construction risk assessment should be performed to identify the possible health and safety hazards that may befall workers on the job.

In the construction industry, the top 4 causes of injuries and accidents are known as The Fatal Four. It includes falls, electrocution, struck by an object, and caught in/between an object(s).

iAuditor has a collection of the top 4 Construction Risk Assessment Templates and countless more in the public library that you can use via our mobile app to ensure the safety of your workers. You can use these templates to:

You can create, customize and update templates to fit your business needs and preferences using our easy, drag-and-drop template builder.

Complete Safety Observation Reports to Improve Safety Protocols

While a construction risk assessment aims to find hazards, the objective of a safety observation report is to examine workers’ safety practices and habits as well as the control measures placed to prevent said hazards. The designated observer will then note the proper safety measures observed and the failed items. A safety observation report is done to find flaws in the safety initiative and promptly correct them.

Use iAuditor’s pre-made checklist to conduct a safety observation of your construction site:

Complete Daily Construction Reports to Ensure Your Project is on Track

Daily construction reports are vital in keeping a construction project on schedule and within budget. The day’s progress, incidents/delays, weather, and hours worked are logged on the daily construction report and shared with stakeholders and subcontractors to keep them in the loop.

Use our featured digital Construction Daily Report Templates or create a custom one to suit your preferences.

Complete your daily construction report by using one of our pre-made templates here. Click the image below to see a sample completed report.

Ensure Proper Onboarding of New Hires Using a Digital Checklist

An employee onboarding program can be meticulously composed and well-structured, but it won’t be effective if it’s not implemented properly. A Construction New Hire Checklist can help HR personnel ensure that they don’t miss anything, minor or critical, during the orientation phase.

As previously mentioned, working in the construction industry involves serious occupational hazards. This is why it’s important that safety rules, company policies, employee’s responsibilities, rights, and benefits are thoroughly discussed with the new hire before they start fieldwork.

Our pre-made digital template can be used to:

Stacks of paper and missing documents are no longer an issue with a mobile construction app like iAuditor. You can even customize our pre-made templates so it can seamlessly integrate with your current processes.

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