The Best Asset Performance Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture offers businesses the most efficient way to manage assets for optimal use. With their numerous asset-related templates, comprehensive analytics solutions, and straightforward communications systems, companies can make the most of their assets, minimize risk and cost, and generate gains. They are consistently rated the top asset performance management (APM) software.


  • Manage assets using uncomplicated and readily available templates to improve their availability and reliability.
  • Accurately identify and track every piece of equipment using QR codes, barcodes, or geo-tagging.
  • Monitor the status of all assets with real-time analytics to make decisive actions.
  • Schedule tasks like periodic maintenance and repair to extend equipment lifespan.
  • Communicate issues, assign appropriate actions, and relay follow-ups using functional features like Heads Up.

Why use Aveva?

The Aveva (formerly Avantis) APM system addresses common organizational challenges using powerful tools like AI and cloud computing. With its comprehensive suite of modules, the company can accurately analyze its operations, detect and reduce errors, and increase overall productivity.


  • Asset performance management assessment
  • Predictive analytics
  • IntelTrac mobile operator

Why use IBM Maximo?

IBM Maximo, first created over three decades ago and then purchased by tech giant IBM, is also a top asset performance management software because of its impressive use of analytics, AI, and IoT for workflow improvement and asset optimization.


  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Automated visual inspection

Why use Honeywell Forge?

Honeywell Forge has always been committed to best practices, evident in their comprehensive suite of asset-related digital tools that involve real-time analytics to drive quick problem-solving. Their APM software has four modules: Health, Predict, Optimize, and Excellence, all aimed at overall operational optimization.


  • Asset monitoring with real-time insights
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Improving energy consumption

Why use Bently Nevada?

Bently Nevada, part of the Baker Hughes conglomerate, has been a leading provider of AMP solutions for the past 60 years in various industries. With hardware and software capabilities enriched by strategic services and data analytics, they can help organizations manage their asset performance with little risk and cost.


  • Analytic insights
  • Asset strategy and health management
  • Elimination of asset defects

Why use Intertek?

With a century-long experience as a quality assurance provider, Intertek is now offering APM software to support its partners’ goals in asset performance optimization and higher profitability. Although their system may be beneficial in a wide array of industries, this is most suited for those in the oil, gas, and petrochemical sector.


  • Real-time APM
  • Web-based data integration and analytics
  • Risk assessment for mechanical integrity

Why use Cascade by DNV?

A trusted advisor in the maritime sector, DNV has extended their service to other industries by providing digital solutions like Cascade to manage risk and improve the asset performance of organizations in oil and gas, renewables, health care, and so many more.


  • Asset integrity, monitoring, and control
  • Data management and quality
  • Local website availability in over twenty countries

What is an Asset Performance Management Software?

Asset performance management software is a digital tool that provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s assets. It’s a tool that helps managers make better decisions in utilizing, maintaining, and improving these physical and intangible resources to ensure positive performance and profitable returns.

How Does it Help Your Business?

Managing asset performance has always been integral to any organizational process to make the most of operational resources. While traditional APM strategies are still effective, these are not enough in today’s fast-paced IT environment. Incorporating new techs like data optimization, AI, and IoT is the only way to go.

  • Anticipate risks – With real-tracking capabilities, managers can identify ineffective processes, assess issues, resolve these, and pre-empt critical events.
  • Reduce costs – Because companies immediately attend to concerns, they can extend the lifespan of an asset and save expenses from unexpected and pricey repairs or replacements.
  • Decrease workforce downtime – Any action taken to fix an asset, even when planned, interrupts operations. The workforce can minimize downtimes with good asset performance management software.
  • Improve communications – Many processes in any operation are interrelated and dependent on each other. With APM-related tools, all stakeholders can get accurate information, plan, and take the necessary action together.
  • Improve profitability – The end goal of asset performance management is a better return on investment (ROI). Many companies have reaped this benefit by using appropriate software combined with the right strategy.

Key Features

When planning to integrate or upgrade to a better asset performance management software in your processes, the following features are what you should look for:

  • Digitized asset-related templates for data collection and inspection
  • Real-time health tracking
  • Risk identification and analytics
  • Maintenance prioritization
  • Intelligent scheduling
  • IoT integration
  • Configurability
  • Scalability

Selecting the Right Software

To help you see which of the listed systems may work best for your operations, here’s the asset performance management software comparison at a glance.

Asset Performance Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month Yes
Aveva None Quote-based Yes
Maximo by IBM None Quote-based Yes
Honeywell Forge None Quote-based No
Bently Nevada None Quote-based No
Intertek None Available upon request No
Cascade by DNV None Not available Yes
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