Top 3 Equipment Sign Out Sheets

Don't lose track of company assets and equipment with a mobile sign out sheet.

What is an Equipment Sign Out Sheet?

An equipment sign out sheet is an essential tool commonly used by IT and facilities personnel to keep track of valuable company assets being used by employees. It typically includes details of: the employee checking the equipment out, equipment type/ reference and any reported damage. It can help ensure legal and compliant use of company resources and help avoid misuse, loss and theft of company equipment.

This article will briefly discuss: 1) the importance of using an equipment sign out sheet; 2) what makes the best equipment sign out sheet; 3) technology you can use to streamline equipment sign out process; and 4) featured equipment sign out sheet templates you can download and customize.

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The Importance of Using an Equipment Sign Out Sheet

Company assets are used by employees to perform their job effectively. An equipment sign out sheet can help an organization keep track of the usage, location and physical condition of its equipment. Common types of equipment that implement sign out sheets include electronics (e.g. laptops, tablets, smartphones), tools (e.g. power tools, measurement devices, machinery), and wearables (e.g. PPE, shared uniforms, safety gears). Key benefits of using an equipment sign out sheet include:

  • Keeping track of usage and maximizing utilization of existing equipment
  • Track physical condition of assets
  • Helps emphasize employee responsibility on the proper handling of company resources (i.e. appropriate usage, return policies etc.)
  • Helps reduce costs by encouraging the proper use and maintenance of company equipment

What Makes the Best Equipment Sign Out Sheet

A good equipment sign out sheet should allow staff to record relevant details about the equipment being checked out, employees handling the equipment, issuance policies/ return date (if applicable), and agreement on the usage of company assets.

  1. Equipment details

    Equipment details should include all identifying feature, such as a barcode, equipment number, or any accessories of the equipment (if there’s any). Usage details should be included to help management plan for future purchases.

  2. Employee details

    Include the employees’ full name, employee number, and contact details. Signatures should also be added on the sign out form to confirm checkout and confirmation of usage policies.

  3. Issuance and/ or Return Dates

    Include specific dates for issuance and the date when the item must be returned. This is designed to help with an organization’s equipment circulation.

  4. Proof of Condition

    Take photo evidence and detailed notes of any existing damage found on the device. This is important for maintenance checks and assigning responsibility of intentional or accidental employee damage.

  5. Usage Agreement

    Include this in the sign out sheet to ensure important policies are discussed and agreed upon before issuance of the company assets.

Technology to Streamline Your Sign out Forms

Keeping track of equipment inventory using paper forms and spreadsheets generates burdensome paperwork and is ineffective at capturing photo evidence of equipment condition. iAuditor is the world’s #1 digital form app and can replace your existing sign out sheet forms and processes. Employees can easily check out assets on a tablet or smartphone and take photo evidence. IT and management teams eliminate paperwork and can track all equipment usage online.

To help you get started, we have created the best equipment sign out sheet templates you can use for any type of industry. Browse these free templates and begin to streamline your equipment sign out process.