Top 10 Best Remote Worker Apps for Safety & Management

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SHEQSY is the best all-in-one remote worker app for safety and management.


As a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your remote team members stay safe and on task as they work. SHEQSY is a comprehensive lone worker safety and management app that protects employees in real-time (with location monitoring, panic alarms, and more), while streamlining how you manage, monitor, and report on their activities.

Deploy SHEQSY across your remote workforce via the SHEQSY App (for iOS & Android) and a range of integrated lone worker devices. Use the cloud-based SHEQSY Dashboard to stay connected to your team and be there when it counts.

Review of SHEQSY:

“SHEQSY is easy to use and integrates with Outlook appointments which is not only convenient but saves our staff time. With a significant number of our staff performing outreach appointments in the community and in clients’ homes, having an appointment overtime alert function provides our organization with peace of mind that the welfare of our staff is being monitored. Being able to export data about the number of users and their activity trends has helped us with our business modeling.”


  • Real-time GPS location visualization
  • “QuickPanic” and “Shake for Panic” duress alarm activation
    • Activity countdown timer
    • In-app team communication
  • Automated periodic check-ins
    • Activity overtime alerting
  • Hazard and incident reporting (supports images and videos)
  • Customizable safety forms, auditing, and checklists
  • Location notes
  • Emergency roll call
  • Employee-enabled monitoring
  • Calendar and scheduling integrations for task management & scheduling meetings
  • Activity and time tracking
    • Integrated Bluetooth wearables & handheld satellite devices
    • 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response center
  • Public APIs for integration with other platforms

SHEQSY Benefits:

  • All-in-one safety and management system
  • Very user-friendly
  • Deployed within minutes
  • Affordable plans


Why Use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture empowers your remote workers to be your eyes and ears in the field, so you can always maintain the highest standards of quality and safety. SafetyCulture is an inspection, issue capture, and corrective action platform that makes it easy for remote teams to conduct inspections, flag issues, manage tasks, communicate clearly, and resolve problems together.

Review of SafetyCulture:

“Since I started using SafetyCulture, I have never looked back. The customer service is astonishing, the software is outstanding and the app itself is easy to use for anyone from Senior Management through to the ground staff. SafetyCulture is by far the most comprehensive all-in-one compliance system I have used thus far. The ease of use, thousands of templates and real time uploading is outstanding.” (Source: GetApp)


  • Perform inspections
  • Create reports
  • Capture issues
  • Assign actions
  • Workplace communications
  • Insights and data
  • Build workflows
  • Integrate your tools
  • Automated monitoring

Why Use EddApp?

Making sure that your remote-working teams are all on the same page can be difficult. How can you be sure that they are properly trained? Working safely and efficiently? And keeping their skills sharp? That’s where EdApp comes in. EdApp is your all-in-one learning management system (LMS), designed to help you deliver top-notch, engaging onboarding, training, and learning content to your team members.

Review of EddApp:

We have many staff members across our home city, as well as in other cities across the UK, and getting people to attend, pay attention and absorb important legislative and business updates can be a challenge, particularly during seasonal peak times. This application allows us to roll out training, updates and information to all staff at once, measure uptake and performance, and reward staff who are the most engaged, all without leaving head office or asking staff to travel.” (Source: G2)


  • Mobile-first learning
  • Microlearning
  • Creator tool
  • Editable course library
  • Admin portal
  • Learner portal
  • Course creation services
  • PowerPoint converter
  • Template library
  • Reporting and analytics

Why Use StaySafe?

Similar to SHEQSY (see #1), StaySafe helps organizations locate remote workers in emergency situations and send assistance. StaySafe helps protect employees, monitoring them as they travel and work alone, remotely, or in isolation.

Review of StaySafe:

“Very easy to use. Even works in areas where there are no data signal.” (Source: Apple App Store)


  • Cloud-based monitoring hub
  • Integrated wearable technology and satellite devices
  • Timed sessions
  • Panic button
  • Discreet panic
  • Low battery life warnings
  • 24/7 safety monitoring and response services

Why Use OkAlone?

Similar to SHEQSY (see #1), Ok Alone enables remote workers to check-in and trigger alerts to request help in the event of an emergency. With man-down technology, OkAlone can detect workers’ movements and monitor their locations.

Review of OkAlone:

“We needed a system in place that allowed us to efficiently monitor staff presence in our sites. This software provided what we needed. Reports are well built. The dashboard is clear and easy to read and provides us all the information we needed for us to monitor and ensure employee safety.” (Source: Capterra)


  • 24/7 call center
  • Geofencing safety zone
  • GPS reports
  • Time sheet reports
  • High-risk check-ins
  • Man-down protection

Why Use Blackline Safety?

Blackline Safety’s personal emergency app turns mobile phones into personal safety monitoring devices. For employees working alone or in changing work environments, the app enables security monitoring teams to coordinate emergency services to exact locations when employees need help.

Review of Blackline Safety:

“The continuous monitoring, check-in requirements and safety features were easy to use and understand.” (Source: Featured Customers)


  • Configurable check-in timer
  • Live monitoring
  • SOS alerts
  • Location notes
  • Automatic two-way calling
  • Monitoring portal

Why Use Connecteam?

Connecteam enables team leaders to manage their lone workers, no matter the time or place. With Connecteam, organizations can track lone workers’ hours and locations.

Review of Connecteam:

“Our entire business is based around scheduling, we send workers out into the field and their tasks and shift times are liable to change with no warning. I sit at the desktop app in the middle of all the action and my team use their mobile phones to update me constantly.” (Source: GetApp)


  • 1:1 or group chat
  • GPS time tracking and geofencing
  • Schedule check-ins
  • Checklists, reports and forms
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Employee directory

Why Use SafetyLine?

SafetyLine provides remote teams in Canada and the United States with a worker safety monitoring and incident response system. SafetyLine’s mission is to keep employees safe and more connected as they work remotely, alone, in isolation, and/or in high-risk environments.

Review of SafetyLine:

We really like the system at work as users can come and go on and off the system when needed. It allows us to feel more secure about our co-workers working alone as we are all distance working at this time.” (Source: Capterra)


  • Location Tracking
  • Check-Ins
  • Panic Button
  • Fall/Man-Down Detection
  • Custom Reports

Why Use GetHomeSafe?

GetHomeSafe is a safety monitoring system for employees working remotely. your mobile workforce and lone workers. that is powerful, affordable and easy to use. Quickly tailor a robust and engaging end-to-end welfare monitoring solution for your mobile workforce and lone workers. Get started today with a free trial account, no credit card is required and it only takes 2 minutes. 


  • Timed activities
  • Check in
  • Reminder time
  • Low battery
  • Adjustable GPS tracking 
  • Panic alerting
  • Duress/silent alerting
  • Man down/motion monitoring


LONEALERT offers remote and lone workers in the United Kingdom safety solutions for a variety of devices. LONEALERT is ideal for remote workers who have low safety risks or who work alone infrequently.


  • GPS location sharing
  • Employee privacy controls
  • Duress alarm
  • User reminders and prompts
  • Desktop management portal

What is a Remote Worker App?

A remote worker app is a digital solution for managing remote workers, whether that entails managing their activities, schedules, productivity, communication, physical safety while working alone, or something else. Remote worker apps can offer a range of functionality, though the ideal remote worker app will be a comprehensive solution, enabling organizations to easily manage most aspects of remote employees’ workdays.

Importance of Remote Worker Apps

As a baseline, a remote worker app should provide managers the ability to: understand employees’ activities and productivity; schedule tasks or activities; view remote workers’ real-time locations; communicate with employees; and streamline reporting. On the other hand, remote workers should be able to: view their assigned tasks/schedules; activate duress/panic alarms for immediate emergency assistance; automate periodic check-ins and overtime alerts; share activity notes; and submit auditing, hazard, and incident reports. 

It’s important to note that with the rise of remote work comes new safety concerns. Remote workers face much higher physical safety risks than those working in traditional work environments, so protecting them should be a primary consideration when deploying a remote worker app.

Remote Worker App FAQs

What is the Best Remote Worker App?

In addition to managing tasks, calendar scheduling (i.e. Outlook and Google Calendar), communication tools, and tracking time spent, a primary consideration should be remote worker safety. Whether your team members are working from home or out in the field (carrying out appointments, inspections, working at other job sites, etc.), it’s your responsibility to safeguard them. SHEQSY is the best remote worker app, enabling you to manage your lone workers’ safety and activities from one user-friendly, cloud-based Dashboard.

Why Use a Remote Worker App?

There are many reasons why you might want to use a remote worker app. If your team is spread out across different locations, working from home, or traveling to various job sites, deploying the right remote worker app can bring many benefits, including increasing productivity and efficiency, reducing costs, maintaining quality, safeguarding employees, increasing compliance with workplace health and safety regulations, improving communication and coordination, and more.

How Do I Choose the Right Remote Worker App?

First, it is important to identify your organization’s specific needs. Do your remote workers require panic alarms for safety? Do you need a way to quickly schedule remote appointments and tasks? Do you have a way to keep track of employees’ locations, hours spent, and on-site hazards? Next, find the most comprehensive solution for addressing your needs – and ensure that the solution offers open APIs for integrations with the other tools you already use, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Office, PowerBi, and more.

Built for and trusted by remote workers and leaders around the world

“SHEQSY gives us a level of peace of mind that our providers in the community have an easy to use tool that helps to keep them safe.  Our providers use the shift feature of the app – turning it on each morning and off at the end of the day, this allows us to have oversight of where they are and if required their last known location without extra workload or actions for our providers to do throughout the day.”

– Verity A., Head of Quality & Compliance, TBI Health

Try SHEQSY free for 30 days. Get started with SHEQSY by SafetyCulture. Watch this video get to started:

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