The 7 Best Accreditation Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a comprehensive workplace tool ideal for accreditation management. The software allows you to store all your accreditation documents and needs in one place. Additionally, you can use the tool to automate processes, track documents, and streamline the entire accreditation process. This is why SafetyCulture easily ranks as one of the best accreditation tools available today.


  • Gather relevant data and generate reports that are necessary for accreditation
  • Automate workflows to meet accreditation requirements easily
  • Document processes with media (photos and videos)
  • Use checklist templates with all the tasks necessary for accreditation
  • Integrate with other tools you use in the accreditation process

Why use Accredible?

Accredible stands out as it’s a software specifically designed for accreditation management. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Accredible’s features such as distributing digital certificates that are more trustworthy than the usual PDFs.


  • Digital certificate distribution
  • Customizable templates
  • E-signatures

Why use Qualtrax?

Qualtrax was originally designed for quality management. However, due to its documentation, auditing, and standards management features, it can also a very useful tool for accreditation management. Compliance is crucial in getting accreditation, and Qualtrax helps you manage that.


  • Compliance management
  • Document control
  • Auditing

Why use SoftTech Health?

As the name suggests, SofTech Health is ideal for organizations in the medical field. The tool is great for ensuring quality and compliance within the organization, making it much easier to obtain accreditation for organizations in the healthcare industry.


  • Workflow automation
  • Document management
  • Compliance and accreditation standards library

Why use ARMATURE Fabric?

ARMATURE allows you to handle all compliance management processes in one place. The key to smooth accreditation is ensuring compliance. With document management, workflow automation, and other great features, ARMATURE is one of the top choices for any organization.


  • Audit management
  • Compliance management
  • Reporting

Why use Intelex?

Intelex Technologies offers a quality management software that’s great for accreditation. The software makes it easier to manage audits, stay compliant with industry standards, and create a clear audit trail.


  • Compliance management
  • Reporting
  • Training management

Why use RLDatix?

This web-based software is simple, easy-to-use, and is great for streamlining the entire accreditation process. RLDatix is designed for the healthcare industry and offers all the features you’d need for healthcare-related accreditation.


  • Incident reports
  • Policy management
  • Accreditation tracking

What is an Accreditation Management Software Used For?

The accreditation process is crucial for any organization that wish to be recognized that they are at par with the best in their industry. Proper accreditation gives organizations more credibility and signal competency in their field. That said, accreditation is a complex process with tons of documents and multiple factors to consider. Accreditation management software is specifically designed to streamline the accreditation process. That way, organizations can track documents, generate reports, conduct audits, and easily acquire all the requirements for accreditation!


Modern accreditation is a long and arduous process. There are so many factors to consider that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. On top of that, small missteps in the process can result in delayed or denied accreditation. This is far from ideal for any organization, as delayed accreditation can negatively impact their crediblity and overall reputation in their industry.

While accreditation management software doesn’t handle accreditation for you, it makes it easier to stay organized and on track. Accreditation typically takes up a lot of the team’s time and resources. But with the right software, you can make the process quicker and much more efficient, allowing you to pour your effort into other tasks.

Choosing the Right Software

All of the software we feature above is great for accreditation management. That said, it’s important to choose the one that fits the needs of your organization. So, here’s a quick comparison of all the options we featured today to help you decide which one best suits your needs.

App Name / [Focus Keyword] Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Accredible No $960/year No
Qualtrax No Custom No
SoftTech No Custom No
ARMATURE No Per feature Yes
Intelex No $12.50/month Yes
RLDatix No Per feature No

* billed annually

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