Customer Service Audit Checklist

Deliver quality customer service by using a free digital audit checklist.

What is a Customer Service Audit Checklist?

A customer service audit checklist is a tool used to assess and improve the quality of customer service provided by a business. It typically includes a list of skills, tools, and best practices that businesses should optimize to enhance the experience they give to their customers.


A customer service audit checklist is important to identifying specific flaws and areas for improvement that may be hard to find otherwise. Customer service agents in various sectors like the airline industry roles such as airline CSAs where compliance to security measures must be strictly followed on top of having a positive customer satisfaction. 

By conducting a comprehensive audit, stakeholders are aligned in their approach to providing excellent customer service. 

What Should be Included in a Customer Service Audit Checklist?

A customer service audit checklist should include various key elements to ensure the quality of customer service. Some essential components to consider for the checklist are :

  • Customer Service Infrastructure: Ensure a robust and flexible customer service infrastructure is in place, including a multichannel or omnichannel presence
  • Training and Compliance: Ongoing training for customer service team members and compliance with relevant rules and regulations
  • Communication and Brand Values: Clear communication of brand values, mission statement,  and keeping conversations positive, personal, and quick
  • Performance Metrics: Monitoring and measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) such as customer satisfaction score, response time, and resolution time
  • Data Gathering and Analysis: Compiling relevant data to understand the current state of customer service and identify areas for improvement

These are just a few examples, and the specific items on the checklist may vary based on the nature of the business. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to use this Checklist

Conducting a customer service audit usually follows a progressive flow to help the auditor have a seamless check. Here’s a quick guide on how to use this checklist based on an example for an airline company : 

  1. Begin with entering basic information such as name, date, and location of the audit
  2. Start the check with the ticket counter. Look for whether required signages and other important tools are present in the area.
  3. Check with the customer service agents if they are well equipped with IDs, dresscode, and other important documents and tools
  4. See if important forms are available (future travel vouchers, firearm declaration tags, and safety information card) are available for travelers.
  5. Go through check-in and baggage counters whether ID & Documentation procedures are being followed. Check with agents if they are well supplied with ID tags for customers, and are following the right procedures for baggage inspections.
  6. Check the Jet Bridge and Airstairs operations if they are in good condition and fully operational. Scheduled flights within the day must manage to reflect which doors the travelers will be entering from.
  7. Check the Gate operations whether pre-boarding procedures are followed and sufficient personnel are stationed for all the scheduled flights. 
  8. Finalize the audit by adding notes when needed. List down the CSAs involved, ticket counter and gates used for the day, and flights handled.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The common practice for an Airline Customer Service Audit would normally be done twice a year. However, the frequency will vary depending on the industry. It’s important to conduct an audit on a regular basis that automatically reminds your team ahead of time.

Customer Service Audits can be done by internal or external entities. For internal personnel, usually managers and supervisors should conduct a customer service audit unless there is a dedicated department to do these tasks instead. External entities include consultants, specialized firms, and organizations who may also be liable for the premises within your field of operations (e.g. Airports, Security, etc.,).

Yes! This checklist is an example from an airline company that conducts a customer service audit checklist internally. Other industries may create, use and edit an existing checklist from our public library to fit their standard audit procedures.

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