10 Best Lone Worker Apps to Safeguard Lone Workers in 2024

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Why use SHEQSY?

The SHEQSY Lone Worker Safety App is the leading, comprehensive lone worker safety and management solution. SHEQSY protects employees in real-time with innovative safety features (like quick panic activation, periodic check-in and overtime alerts) and integrates with a range of lone worker devices to suit every working situation. 

Available worldwide, SHEQSY makes it easy for organisations to manage, monitor, and report on employee activities via a central, user-friendly Dashboard.

Review of SHEQSY:

“SHEQSY has made it possible to reliably and consistently fulfill our employer responsibility to worker safety during outreach home visits. However, beyond the compliance of OH&S laws, the sense of peace, and shared responsibility for worker safety has allowed the Team Leaders / Program Leads to focus on and actively contribute to other business needs.” (Source: Capterra)


  • Employee-enabled monitoring
  • Real-time GPS location visualisation
  • “QuickPanic” and “Shake for Panic” duress alarm activation
  • Activity countdown timer
  • Periodic check-in
  • Overtime alerting
  • Hazard and incident reporting
  • Customisable safety forms and checklists
  • Location notes
  • Emergency roll call
  • Integrated Bluetooth wearables & handheld satellite devices
  • 24/7 professional monitoring and response centre
  • Calendar, scheduling, navigation, and reporting integrations
  • Public APIs for integration with other platforms

SHEQSY Benefits:

  • All-in-one safety and management system
  • Maintains employees’ personal privacy
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent customer support
  • Fully customisable solution
  • Intuitive and reliable
  • Deployed within minutes
  • Integration with Bluetooth wearables for man-down and fall detection

Why use Ok Alone?

Ok Alone enables lone workers to check-in regularly and push out alerts to request help in an emergency. Man-down technology detects worker movement and monitors their locations.

Review of Ok Alone:

“We needed a system in place that allowed us to efficiently monitor staff presence in our sites. This software provided what we needed.” (Source: Capterra)


  • 24/7 call centre
  • Safety zone (geofencing)
  • GPS monitoring reports
  • Time sheet reports
  • High risk check ins
  • Man down protection

Ok Alone Benefits:

  • Clear fixed pricing with no surprises
  • No long-term contracts
  • Unlimited Monitors, including privacy access levels
  • SMS, auto phone calls, emails and WhatsApp

Why use StaySafe?

StaySafe helps organisations easily and quickly locate lone workers in duress situations and send immediate assistance. StaySafe keeps employees safe, monitoring them as they work and travel.

Review of StaySafe:

“Overall we needed a system that was simple to administer, but most importantly was extremely user friendly. StaySafe ticked all the boxes.” (Source: Featured Customers)


  • Cloud-based monitoring hub
  • Integrated wearable technology and satellite devices
  • Timed sessions
  • Panic button
  • Discreet panic
  • Low battery life warnings
  • 24/7 safety monitoring and response services

StaySafe Benefits:

  • Reliable
  • Easy to use and flexible
  • High connectivity and coverage
  • Training, onboarding & support included

Why use Blackline Safety?

Blackline Safety’s Loner app for iPhone and Android offers simple, non-intrusive employee safety monitoring. Designed for employees working alone or in high-risk environments, Loner communicates with monitoring staff who manage emergency responses when employees need assistance.

Review of Blackline Safety:

“Blackline Safety fulfills compliance, saves us time, money, resources, AND lets me know within seconds if one of my employees needs assistance.” (Source: Featured Customers)


  • Live safety monitoring
  • Check-in timer
  • SOS alert
  • Location-based notes
  • Cloud-hosted monitoring portal

Blackline Safety Benefits:

  • Non-intrusive
  • Simple to use
  • Pin-pointed emergency response


LONEALERT offers the UK a suite of safety solutions for a variety of devices, including iPhone and Android. LONEALERT is best for mobile workers who are low-risk or work alone infrequently.


  • GPS location sharing
  • Employee privacy controls
  • Panic alarm
  • User reminders and prompts
  • Desktop management portal
  • Live viewing of maps, locations and geo-fencing


  • Employee training
  • Improves business efficiencies
  • Real-time information and alerts

Why use Peoplesafe?

The Peoplesafe Pro App turns UK smartphones and smart tablets into personal SOS alarms, safeguarding lone workers around the clock.


  • SOS Alarm
  • Multiple ways to engage an alert
  • Fast GPS locating
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Log activity timer
  • Fall detection
  • Welfare check

Peoplesafe Benefits:

  • Android & iOS
  • Convenient and simple
  • Integrates with SureCam dashcam

Why use SafetyLine?

SafetyLine serves the USA and Canada in worker safety monitoring and incident response. Their goal is to make employees safer and more connected as they work alone, in isolation or in high-risk situations.

Review of SafetyLine:

“Love the feeling of safety it gives me while working. I can now concentrate on the job at hand and know someone is there if I need them, even though I’m working alone.” (Source: Software Advice)

SafetyLine Key Features:

  • Location Tracking
  • Proactive Check-In Timers
  • Emergency Panic Button
  • Fall Detection
  • Custom Reports On-Demand

SafetyLine Benefits:

  • Fully Automated, 24/7
  • Choose Your Own Devices
  • Web Portal

Why use Safepoint?

Safepoint provides constant protection via the lone worker’s smartphone. Safepoint offers a range of lone worker devices and apps, smart safety management tools, and an alarm receiving centre.


  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Works with GPS, phone signal and wifi
  • Works in the lowest areas of GPS connectivity
  • Accurate location data

Safepoint Benefits:

  • User-friendly solution
  • Integration with wearable panic buttons

Why use My Safety Buddy?

My Safety Buddy’s smartphone app and online dashboard enables organisations to meet lone-working health and safety obligations. My Safety Buddy is customisable and scalable, serving a variety of organisations across Australia.

Review of My Safety Buddy:

“As someone who makes a lot of house calls by myself I have been waiting for a safety app. The app is easy to set-up and use and the duress alarm works well.” (Source: App Store)


  • Man down
  • Duress alarm (panic alarm)
  • 5-second check-in
  • Routine welfare checks
  • Journey monitoring
  • GPS location updates
  • Web portal
  • 24/7 safety monitors

My Safety Buddy Benefits:

  • Simple to use
  • Helps organisations meet their duty of care

Why use Alert Media?

Alert Media’s easy-to-use mobile app keeps employees safe in hazardous situations with effective tracking and monitoring. Alert Media also offers robust mass notification capability.

Review of Alert Media:

“AlertMedia gives me and my team the ability to monitor, prepare, alert and account for our team during hurricanes, severe weather, active shooter events, wildfires and more.” (Source: Capterra)


  • Discreet connection to law enforcement
  • Timed sessions
  • Critical location notes
  • Exact GPS location sharing
  • In-app messaging

Alert Media Benefits:

  • Live support 24/7
  • Event-specific action plans
  • Streamlined internal escalations

What is a Lone Worker App?

A lone worker app is a digital solution for keeping lone workers safe as they work alone or isolated, in high-risk situations. Lone worker apps offer a range of functionality. The most basic solutions include real-time location monitoring and duress/panic alarms for immediate emergency assistance, while more sophisticated solutions may include safety features such as periodic check-in, overtime alerts, safety checklists and hazard reporting.

Why Use Lone Worker Apps?

Lone worker smartphone apps can work in conjunction with other lone worker devices (such as Bluetooth wearables) or be used standalone. Typically, the data that lone worker apps collect is recorded within an overarching management dashboard.

For an additional cost, most lone worker solutions offer integration with 24/7 professional monitoring centres to verify duress situations and coordinate emergency responses.

Organisations that employ lone workers have a moral and legal responsibility to keep them safe. The ideal lone worker safety solution makes it easy for managers to keep track of lone workers, while reducing liability, increasing productivity, and saving time.

Meanwhile, employees should feel confident and safe at work. A user-friendly lone worker app can provide seamless support for their everyday activities and emergency assistance whenever they need it. 

The best lone worker smartphone apps listed above meet all of these requirements. If you are yet to decide on which app is ideal for you, read the important considerations in choosing and keep your employees safe and connected.

Important Considerations in Choosing a Lone Worker App

  1. Safety Policy: How well does the lone worker protection app integrate with your current health and safety policies and procedures? Does the lone worker app empower your team to follow the proper safety procedures at all times? Does the lone worker app help your organisation comply with legal workplace health and safety requirements? How well does the app monitor lone worker safety? Is there a professional monitoring team available 24/7?
  2. Location Monitoring: In emergency and high-risk situations, can you easily locate your staff in real-time with accurate GPS tracking? Is there a detailed location notes feature?
  3. Integration: Does the lone worker system integrate with your current and planned infrastructure, such as the platforms you use to manage and schedule employees, manage risk and run reports? Does the lone worker app integrate with other safety devices, for example, Bluetooth wearables or handheld satellite devices?
  4. Ease of Use: Is the solution familiar and easy for employees to use, especially in high-pressure, dangerous situations? Does the app make your health and safety managers’ jobs easier? How quickly and easily can you deploy the lone worker app across your lone workforce?
  5. Operations Management: Does the lone worker safety solution make it easier to manage lone workers? Does it maximise operational efficiency, productivity, and profits for your organisation? Does the app record significant data used for reporting audits? Is the app employee-enabled to protect personal privacy (this means that the app can be turned off completely when employees are not actively working)?
  6. Cost: Is a free trial available? Is there a free version? Can you book a personalised product demonstration? How much does the lone worker app cost, upfront and ongoing? Are you locked into a long-term contract? Are there additional expenses for set-up, hardware, training or support?

What is the Best Lone Worker App?

Overall, SHEQSY is the best lone worker app. As the world-leading, comprehensive lone worker safety and management solution, SHEQSY makes lone worker safety easy and keeps organisations compliant – while saving them time and money.

SHEQSY’s innovative safety features, such as QuickPanic, Shake for Panic, periodic check-in, overtime alerts, and employee-enabled location monitoring, keep staff safeguarded at all times – even in low-signal areas. Meanwhile, management features such as calendar and scheduling integrations, real-time location monitoring, hazard reporting, safety screening checklists and forms, location notes, and navigation make management easy.

SHEQSY also integrates with discreet Bluetooth wearables, handheld satellite devices, and an optional 24/7 monitoring service. Fully customisable teams and escalation processes make the system flexible and scalable.

SHEQSY offers a 30-day free trial, with no credit card or strings attached. There are no long-term contracts or upfront costs for training, support, or hardware.

Put simply, SHEQSY is the most affordable, comprehensive, innovative, and user-friendly lone worker protection app and solution on the market. Of the ten lone worker apps listed here, SHEQSY is the best overall lone worker app.

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