Top 7 Resource Scheduling Software of 2023

Why use SafetyCulture?

Considered one of the best digital platforms by credible review sites and award-giving bodies, SafetyCulture is one of the best resource scheduling software solutions today. Renowned for its versatility and scalability, it helps companies manage their resources more effectively to improve workflows and increase productivity. It is also the perfect tool for planning enterprise-wide assets, delegating responsibilities, and assigning teams, equipment, and spaces. Organizations like the National Aerial Firefighting Center (NAFC), drilling specialist Equipe Group, and Fortune 500 company Lowe’s have all benefited from integrating this solution into their current system. 



  • Efficiently allocate assets and other resources based on availability by creating a central data repository, categorized per site and status, that personnel can review and reserve.  
  • Plan projects efficiently by identifying assets required for a specific task and scheduling these based on availability.  
  • Minimize conflicts by delegating tasks beforehand and allocating the necessary resources to accomplish the job.
  • Effectively document completed tasks, adding photos and videos to provide the full context, and make data-driven decisions based on collated reports for future improvements.
  • Gain a comprehensive view into the entire operations by integrating this solution with the current system and enable supervisors to manage resources holistically.

Why use Schedule it?

Trusted by well-known global brands, Schedule it is a digital platform specifically designed to allocate and manage resources effectively. With this easy-to-use software solution, companies can save a lot of time on resource-related administrative tasks, prevent double bookings or reservation conflicts, and reduce costs due to errors. 


  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling
  • Event Tagging, Categorizing, and History
  • Reports and Statistical Analysis

Why use Resource Guru?

Managing people, equipment, and locations is made easier with Resource Guru. This incredibly flexible scheduling platform is perfect for assigning work, booking time off, editing pre-set calendars, and keeping teams updated with changes. With this software solution, businesses can handle more workloads and ensure prompt completion. 


  • Resource Scheduling
  • Meeting Room Booking System
  • Leave Management

Why use Float?

Utilized by some of the biggest tech companies and media agencies in over 150 countries, Float is a capacity planning platform that helps businesses manage their resources better. Their top feature centralizes relevant information required for planning projects in just one timeline. With this, workers can see everything, delegate roles, and distribute assets more effectively. 


  • Resource Forecasting and Management 
  • Capacity Planning 
  • Cost Tracking

Why use Hub Planner?

This is another cloud-based digital solution for capacity planning that would work just as effectively as software for resource scheduling. Great for business at any scale and from any sector, Hub Planner is best known for allowing their users to choose the modules they need instead of paying for the entire platform. This would work well for small start-ups on a budget but want to apportion resources effectively.    


  • Schedule Creation
  • Capacity Planning
  • Budget Creation and Tracking 

Why use Runn?

With over 7,000 users from all over the world, this resource management platform allows companies to organize teams and projects in a single timetable, apportion required resources, and track time as the work is getting accomplished. Best of all, the functionalities are available in real time. With Runn, businesses can ensure that everyone in their team is on the same page and completes tasks on time.  


  • Resource Scheduling
  • Project Planning and Forecasting
  • Capacity Management

Why use Teamdeck?

This cloud-based resource management software is the go-to solution for numerous tech, media, creative agencies, and start-ups. By providing a complete view of the project to everyone involved, Teamdeck can guarantee that managers can plan schedules well and workers get to accomplish their tasks with the right resources. 


  • Team Scheduling
  • Workload and Availability Management
  • Time Tracking with Timesheets

What is Resource Scheduling Software?

Resource scheduling software is a digital tool that efficiently manages and allocates resources, such as personnel, equipment, funds, and physical spaces. With features like automated scheduling, reporting, analytics, and communication, supervisors can better prioritize, assign, and dispense assets and complete the project efficiently and with no conflicts. This type of software solution is indispensable to companies in the manufacturing, construction, and educational sectors.


Many organizations, even large-scale enterprises that operate globally, suffer a decline in productivity because of resource misallocation. Even the most minor oversight in this regard could snowball into more serious consequences with long-term effects. Investing in technology, especially in this day and age, is a practical remedy. Here are some of the top benefits of resource scheduling software: 

  • Increased Efficiency – Scheduling the use of resources is not easy. Many have experienced conflicts in reservations, causing disruptions and delays. With a digital database of all assets, analytics for prioritization, centralized calendars for reservation, and communication tools, companies develop a better scheduling process. 
  • Cost Savings – Overbooking, underutilization, and allocation errors cost the company a lot of money. With the help of this software, organizations can utilize what they currently have effectively and reduce wastage in the process. 
  • Enhanced Productivity – Financial experts agree that irresponsible and erroneous appropriation and disbursement of resources lead to lower labor productivity and capital. In fact, many point to this as one of the causes of the 2007 financial crisis, which affected the whole world. When businesses get to plan the use of their assets, however limited they are, they can complete projects on time. 

Key Features

Finding the right software solution for resource scheduling is not that difficult, particularly when there are numerous options in the market today. Whether it’s a stand-alone application or part of a more comprehensive platform like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or project management systems, make sure it has these essentials:  

Selecting the Right Resource Scheduling Software

A well-chosen platform for resource scheduling streamlines allocation prevents conflicts, and enhances efficiency. It is crucial for your company to choose the one most suited to your needs and budget. Before deciding on the one, take another look at all the options reviewed below:

Resource Scheduling Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Schedule it No £11 (≈$14) /month* Yes
Resource Guru No $4.16/person/month* Yes
Float No $6/person/month*

(good for teams of up to 30)

Hub Planner No $7/resource/month* Yes
Runn No $8/person/month* No
Teamdeck No $0.9/month* Yes

* billed annually

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