The Top 7 Safety Meeting Apps of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is one of the best tools for conducting safety meetings today. With the app, you can notify people when a meeting is going to happen, generate reports and report issues that should be addressed during the safety meeting, and build workflows around the protocols discussed during the safety meeting. Digitizing your safety meeting streamlines the entire process, and if you’re looking to do that, SafetyCulture is a great pick for you.


  • Communicate with the whole organization with the click of a button through HeadsUp
  • Report issues and concerns that should be brought up during the safety meeting
  • Create workflows around the topics discussed in the safety meetings
  • Document your processes and store them digitally for easier access during meetings
  • Use safety checklists when conducting operations to ensure complicance

Why use Safety Meeting App?

The Safety Meeting app is a tool that allows you to bring your safety meetings to the digital world. On the app, you can find thousands of topics to address during safety meetings that cover various trades and industries. That way, you can always ensure you discuss all the necessities during safety meetings.


  • Safety topics for meetings
  • Capture meeting minutes
  • Track attendance

Why use KPA?

KPA is an EHS platform for comprehensive safety management. And since it’s designed for overall safety management, the app has various features for conducting and facilitating safety meetings. With the app, you can report incidents, gather data and analytics for meetings, and create safety checklists for employees to follow.


  • Customizable safety templates
  • Data and analytics
  • Incident reports

Why use Workhub?

Workhub is a comprehensive platform that helps organizations keep records and mantain OSHA compliance. The app gathers lots of useful data that you’ll need in a safety meeting, which is why it’s one of the most useful and popular safety meeting apps available.


  • OSAH Recodkeeping
  • Inspection management
  • Incident reports

Why use SaluteSafety?

SaluteSafety is a platform for tracking and managing safety compliance in the workplace. It’s one of the most popular apps for safety meetings right now as it helps you gather all the data you need for presentations. On top of that, it can also be used for training to ensure that all employees follow the company’s safety standards.


  • Training
  • Document management
  • Corrective actions

Why use SiteDocs?

SiteDocs is designed for keeping all safety documents and forms in one place. This makes it easier to gather data for safety meetings and set a clear agenda. Documentation is crucial for a successful safety meeting, and SiteDocs can serve that specific need.


  • Document gathering
  • Compliance
  • Incident reports

Why use GoTo Safety Meeting App?

This is one fo the few apps available specifically designed for meetings. With GoTo Meeting, you can set meetings and start them all on one app. This allows you to efficiently and quickly disseminate information throughout the organization.


  • Webcasting
  • Screensharing
  • Two way audio and video calls

What is a Safety Meeting App Used For?

Safety meetings are essential for maintaining a culture of safety in your organization. It’s important that your team is all on the same page and understands the company’s safety protocols. But if you’re looking to conduct efficient and productive safety meetings, you might need a safety meeting app. With these applications, it will be much easier to address certain topics during meetings, gather minutes of the meeting, and ensure smooth communication between managers and employees.


You can’t skip out on safety meetings when trying to ensure that the organization complies with safety standards and protocol. However, manually scheduling meetings and gathering all that data takes a lot of time and effort. And sometimes, the organization simply doesn’t have the time or resources to do everything manually.

The old way of conducting meetings is very inefficient. Nowadays, it’s important for businesses to work fast. After all, you never know when safety incidents will happen. So, the sooner you get to meet with the team about how to solve and prevent certain accidents, the safer your operations.

With a Safety Meeting app, you can take your meeting process to the digital world. That way, you can easily store documents, take meeting minutes, and even send out information to the organization in one place. Modern organizations must start digitizing different processes, and if you’re looking to do so with your safety protocol, it might be time to invest in a safety meeting app.

Key Features

Each organization has their own needs and preferences. This is why there’s no absolute best safety meeting app on the market. However, here are some key features that you need from a safety app, regardless of your industry:

  • Communication features
  • Documentation and data gathering
  • Incident reports
  • Scheduling
  • Secure data storage

Selecting the Right App

Rest assured that all of the apps we mentioned above would be great at streamlining your safety meeting process. However, to experience the most benefits, you must choose the best option for your needs. So, here’s a quick comparison of all the apps mentioned above to make it easier to choose the best one.

Safety Meeting App Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Safety Meeting App No $199/year Yes
KPA No Custom Yes
Workhub No $3/month No
Salute No Custom Yes
SiteDocs No Custom Yes
GoTo Meeting No $14/month Yes

* billed annually

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