10 Best CMMS Software of 2024

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As the leading CMMS software, SafetyCulture is an intuitive tool designed to help maintenance teams improve their workflow and keep all pieces of equipment in optimal condition. Maintenance directors and managers trust this tool to help them effectively manage maintenance tasks such as scheduling and work order tracking. On the ground, maintenance workers also rely on this versatile platform that allows them to perform inspections and escalate issues in just a few clicks.


  • Equip maintenance workers on the ground with customizable digital checklists for conducting maintenance activities
  • Analyze trends and make data-driven maintenance decisions by generating reports and analytics
  • Document compliance with maintenance standards
  • Manage assets effectively and ensure maintenance activities are done by scheduling tasks and receiving status updates
  • Integrate with other tools like Google Workspace, Power BI, Zapier, and many more

Fogwing Asset+ is a powerful software that integrates smart CMMS and asset management that streamlines maintenance planning, tracking, and execution with Industrial IoT and AI capabilities. It enhances asset reliability, automates preventive maintenance, manages parts inventory, and provides performance metrics to optimize operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.


  • Asset monitoring
  • Cost calculation
  • Purchase orders

ManWinWin is an adaptive software that enhances maintenance operations with good work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and ERP integration. Its cloud, desktop, and mobile hybrid CMMS ensures accessibility and optimizes facility and inventory management. It also offers Augmented Reality that promotes paperless workflow and easy access to instructions.


  • Qr code and NFC tags
  • Digital signature
  • API Integration

FMX is a powerful CMMS that streamlines maintenance processes, boosts asset productivity, and provides real-time work order status updates. This tool allows users to scan equipment for instant information, track essential metrics, and generate resource spending reports. Its optional approval chains help prioritize tasks, reduce backlog, and enhance operational efficiency.


  • Communication threads
  • Vendor and contact management
  • Floor plan visualization

eMaint CMMS offers an interactive preventive maintenance scheduler with drag-and-drop functionality. It simplifies planning, automates work orders based on asset health data, manages routine maintenance, and resolves scheduling conflicts. This user-friendly system enhances asset management, streamlines workflows, and prevents unplanned downtime, optimizing maintenance efficiency and productivity.


  • Digital signature
  • Asset location and data visualization
  • Work order clock in and clock out

Fiix streamlines work request processes by allowing users to submit and track unlimited requests. It offers flexible maintenance scheduling, attaches SOPs and task lists to work orders, and provides comprehensive tracking and reporting. It helps them analyze work order performance quickly to identify and address issues, ensuring efficient and effective maintenance management.


  • Asset hierarchies
  • Equipment usage monitoring
  • Equipment part forecaster report

Fracttal One leverages artificial intelligence with its smart maintenance assistant, Tony, providing instant support for maintenance tasks. It excels in predictive maintenance that measures and forecasts asset reliability to optimize resource use and ensure sustainable operations.


  • Work order management
  • Warehouse inventory
  • Automated maintenance

Formerly called Axxerion, Workplace optimizes maintenance activities by improving work order management, scheduling preventive maintenance, and tracking assets. It offers real-time updates, customizable features, and seamless communication tools. This CMMS enables you to easily manage maintenance budgets, automate processes, and enhance collaboration for efficient maintenance management.


  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Accounting / PO Invoicing
  • Reports and dashboards

Azzier excels in optimizing maintenance operations with comprehensive modules for predictive and preventive maintenance. This CMMS streamlines work order management, tracks labor and asset data, and records real-time activities. Azzier also simplifies work requests, efficiently schedules maintenance, and supports detailed asset and location tracking for effective maintenance management.


  • Location module
  • Labor module
  • Equipment module

The CMMS app of JLL Technologies, Corrigo frees teams for higher priority tasks by automating work order management. It offers asset and provider management and business intelligence insights. With mobile app support, API integrations, and managed services, Corrigo streamlines maintenance operations, optimizes costs, and enhances provider accountability for scalable growth.


  • Work order management
  • Facilities procurement
  • Managed services

What is a CMMS Software?

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is a powerful tool designed to consolidate all maintenance-related information. It helps companies enhance equipment reliability and usage by facilitating the management and optimization of maintenance activities.

Maintenance management software is used across various industries where physical infrastructure is critical such as manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation, transportation, and facilities management.


In a wide range of industries where physical equipment is required, maintenance management software can be used, offering the following benefits:

  • Enhanced maintenance processes by automating workflows and optimizing maintenance scheduling
  • Effective management of spare parts inventory by tracking assets, automatic reordering, and recording the exact storage of the parts
  • Efficient handling of preventive maintenance that can reduce operational downtime and repair cost
  • Documented compliance with maintenance activity, especially on critical machinery

Key Features

Use your specific business needs as a guide to help you decide which one is the best CMMS software for your company. However, here are a few must-have features that you should look out for as these are beneficial to both management teams and the workers on the ground:

  • Inspection and assessment checklists
  • Resource and asset management
  • Issue escalation
  • Time and activity tracking
  • Task management
  • Report generation

How to Choose the Right Maintenance Management Software

After finding out the best of the best CMMS software, use the guide below before making a final decision:

CMMS Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Fogwing Asset+ Yes $11/user/month* Yes
ManWinWin Yes €39 ($42)/user/ month Yes
FMX None Custom quote None
eMaint CMMS None $69/user/month Yes
Fiix Yes $45/user/month* Yes
Fracttal One Yes Available upon request Yes
Workplace None €3,500 ($3,789.52)/year Yes
Azzier None $59/user/month Yes
Corrigo None £1,000 ($1,272.22)/month Yes

* billed annually

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