Top 5 Assessment Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

This top-rated and exceptionally versatile digital platform is the perfect knowledge and skills assessment software. Thanks to SafetyCulture’s comprehensive features, Human Resources (HR) teams and training managers can accomplish their jobs without disrupting the company’s operations. The digital training modules already include tests, making it easy for HR managers to evaluate retention levels. Because all templates are customizable, these may be used as checklists for completion, employee feedback forms, and performance reviews. Finally, these digital documents may be filled out anywhere and anytime, minimizing endless face-to-face interviews that disrupt the worker’s daily workflows.


  • Understand your employees’ needs better and craft more personalized modules by comparing the needs analysis with worker performance after the training session.
  • Make the right adjustments, changes, or improvements in future training programs by leveraging robust analytics.
  • Build better workflows when delegating tasks to in-house trainers, scheduling onboarding or upskilling sessions, and sending reminders to participants.
  • Ensure compliance with company protocols and government regulations by generating reports about training conducted and collating all documents for completion, retention, and certification.
  • Facilitate administrative jobs by the HR and training managers by ensuring salient information is located and accessible in one ecosystem through robust integrations.

Why use AuditUtopia?

A cloud-based solution for real-time inspections, AuditUtopia helps companies manage their processes in a timely and efficient manner. While this is marketed primarily for the life sciences industry, any company can take advantage of this full-featured platform when assessing their training programs as it provides configurable reports, streamlines task prioritization tasks, and offers real-time chat capabilities for complete collaboration among teams.


  • Configurable reports with inspection notes
  • Real-time updates via chatrooms and private chats
  • In-system and e-mail notifications

Why use AuditDashboard?

This is a cloud-based software solution that standardizes data gathering across organizations. AuditDashboard understands that any work-related task, whether assessing cybersecurity engagements or evaluating training programs, is made easier through automation and solidifying team collaboration.


  • Year-round secure file sharing
  • Electronic signatures
  • Engagement management

Why use AuditWise?

This assessment software is the perfect tool for companies that aim to constantly monitor their training processes and evaluate their effectiveness so they can make the necessary improvements to bring about success. With the help of AuditWise’s comprehensive features, assessing training programs will be a breeze.


  • Dashboards for workload monitoring
  • Dynamic scoring systems
  • Comprehensive reporting

Why use AuditNet?

This digital platform was primarily created as a communications portal for auditors worldwide. Now, they offer various tools that help HR and audit teams improve their workflows, including training opportunities on data analytics and fraud prevention. AuditNet’s repository now holds thousands of templates that may be used on virtually any assessment and evaluation task.


  • Internal audit library
  • Audit templates
  • Audit webinars and live forums

What is Assessment Software?

Assessment software is a valuable digital tool for the HR department and training personnel, as this helps them evaluate and analyze the skills and knowledge gained by the employees from in-house instructional programs or onboarding sessions with new hires. It incorporates various evaluation methods like online tests or quizzes, 360-degree surveys, and performance observations and analyses. With the metrics gathered by the platform, the company can make informed decisions regarding employee training, skill development, and overall organizational improvement.


Most companies allocate considerable resources to developing and managing training programs to meet their productivity and overall business goals. Conducting assessments after a training session ensures that the workers improve their skills, make adjustments and changes for the future, and that the company spends its funds well. Utilizing the best assessment software can do so much more, including the following:

  • Enhances the assessment process – Traditional methods of evaluation require sitting in with the seminars, scoring tests and return demonstrations, reviewing feedback from other trainers and participants after the session, and comparing needs analysis with the progress. With the help of automation, time spent on all these is significantly minimized, enabling HR and training personnel to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Aids in data-driven decision making – Built-in analytics provide the necessary metrics that show skill gaps, strengths, and weaknesses of the training programs developed. With these, the company can make better decisions for improvements in subsequent sessions.
  • Ensures consistency and promotes personalization – Consistency in evaluating performance is hard to achieve because of inherent biases. Because digital solutions do not have that, organizations can ensure data accuracy. With good data, trainers understand their employees’ specific needs and develop personalized training programs that improve their engagement and retention.

Key Features

Most Learning Management Systems (LMS) include modules for training evaluation. However, some platforms specifically designed for analyzing data may also be used as knowledge and skills assessment software. Whichever your company decides to use, make sure it has these essentials:

Selecting the Right Assessment Software

All training assessment software solutions listed above are highly rated and will be a huge help when managing your company’s training programs. Before choosing one, take another look at your options in the summary below:


Assessment Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
AuditUtopia No Custom quote Yes
AuditDashboard No Contact for pricing No
AuditWise No Contact for pricing No
AuditNet Yes Contact for pricing Yes

* billed annually

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