Clean Room Monitoring System

Stay compliant with stringent industry standards for the controlled environment of clean rooms and consistently maintain ideal conditions through automated notifications, uninterrupted readings, and wireless integration.

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What is a Clean Room Monitoring System?

A clean room monitoring system ensures that a clean room maintains the ideal environmental conditions required by strict standards. Clean rooms are vital for industries involved in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace, as well as for businesses that manufacture medical devices and microelectronics.

With the need to comply with industry-mandated thresholds for temperature, humidity, dust, vapors, and aerosol particles, having an effective 24/7 monitoring system for clean rooms is a must.

Top 3 Benefits of Effective Clean Room Monitoring

  • Timely corrective action via automated notifications
    Given the sensitivity of work conducted within clean rooms, the SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor) clean room monitoring system allows automated alerts that notify intended recipients before unacceptable thresholds are breached, giving staff the opportunity to correct actionable items and prevent irreversible damage to the integrity of products and quality of work.
  • Consistent compliance through uninterrupted readings
    The monitoring of temperature, humidity, and other parameters should be accurate and uninterrupted to ensure that the environment within a clean room is constantly under control. SafetyCulture Sensors perform continuous readings that provide you peace of mind and reassurance that the quality of work is uncompromised within the ideal environment of the clean room.
  • Seamless monitoring with wireless integration
    The SafetyCulture monitoring system wirelessly integrates all sensors under one software for the seamless and efficient monitoring of all clean room parameters. Readings are automatically collected and time-stamped to help provide insightful trends and audit trails to further reinforce compliance with industry standards.

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Why SafetyCulture Sensors?

SafetyCulture’s clean room monitoring system can help give the assurance that your clean rooms are monitored to consistently maintain the ideal environment required by strict industry standards.

Pre-set specific thresholds for any number of sensors for your clean rooms and instantly get notifications should there be any deviation from safe ranges, giving you the opportunity for proactive corrective action.

Round-the-clock readings of wireless sensors that run autonomously guarantee uninterrupted monitoring that gives you insightful trends to help continuously maintain strict compliance with industry standards.

SafetyCulture Sensors are trusted all over the world and add value to operations involved in pharmaceuticals, medicine, aviation, manufacturing, storage, food production, and many more. With SafetyCulture Sensors, you’ll always be on top of clean room operations.

Have your own Sensors?

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See how you & others are getting value from SafetyCulture monitoring

Burt Brothers Tire & Mechanic
“When I get a report, I want to know what I have to fix and where. I need immediate feedback so I can be proactive about potential problems. SafetyCulture platform gives us that real-time information we need.”

- Brandon Burt, General Manager with Burt Brothers

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Valley Leisure Fitness Center
"SafetyCulture has helped us massively. Now we can carry mobile devices, conduct checks, then include detailed reports and photos. We create PDF reports and share them with the team or save them onto our systems."

- Dan Flippance, Assistant Manager for Operations

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Waldorf Astoria
"Seeing how we’re doing this year compared to last year... food and beverage is up 15 points in terms of guest satisfaction. To see that level of change speaks a lot about a system like SafetyCulture (iAuditor)."

- Kelly Vohs, GM at Waldorf Astoria Boca Raton

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"SafetyCulture platform empowers us to give the customers a shop that they can trust. It also gives us the ease and simplicity to let stores really get ahead of the game to deliver on opportunities to improve."

- Simon McBurney, Senior Delivery Analyst

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Once you’ve connected your sensors or local weather data to SafetyCulture, you can continuously monitor and maintain your conditions without lifting a finger. Tell us what range conditions need to stay in, and we’ll alert you any time that they go outside this range. From there, you can quickly set up a corrective action within SafetyCulture, assign it to the right person, and keep track of it until it’s closed out. You’ll also have a complete historical log of data, in case you ever need to check that conditions were met during a certain period, or want to track trends in your conditions.

Only if you want them to. As the admin, you can control which sensors get added, what alerts are set up, and who else is able to make these changes.

We’re working hard to support as many types of sensors as possible! We want to make the most of any data that is important to you. If you’ve already got an internet-connected sensor solution installed and you just want to bring the data into SafetyCulture, let’s have a chat. No promises, but we’ll do our best to make it happen.

It depends. If you’ve already got sensors and you just want the data to feed into SafetyCulture, then there’s no added cost! We only charge for any hardware that you buy directly from us, and the ongoing costs associated with running them. See our SafetyCulture sensors page to learn more about the hardware solutions we offer.

Have peace of mind with automated temperature monitoring

Customize temperature and humidity thresholds, automate alerts to inform laboratory managers when limits are about to be breached, and digitize audit trails for improved traceability and compliance
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Move towards innovation with wireless monitoring technology

Improve operational efficiency and quality control with automated temperature management. Our wireless temperature sensors/data loggers are centrally connected to your SafetyCulture account, giving you reliable, updated logs with environmental signatures across several facilities—without having the need to visit them in person.

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Sensors integration

Guarantee quick incident response

Time is critical when environmental parameters are breached in facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, data centers, and pharmaceutical warehouses. The SafetyCulture Temperature Monitoring System allows you to set instant alerts when temperature and humidity measurements go above or below set parameters. Pre-set corrective actions are automatically sent to assigned facilities personnel for immediate resolution to prevent loss of key assets

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Automate data collection for improved audit trails and regulatory compliance

Through efficient real-time temperature and humidity readings, the SafetyCulture Laboratory Temperature Monitoring System makes it easier for managers to strengthen compliance with stringent industry regulations. With automated time-stamped reports and audit trails, you can focus more on improving quality across facility processes.

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