Workplace Safety

Employee safety in the workplace always comes first. Reinforce safety practices, create a safer workplace, and stay compliant with regulations.

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Cultivate a safer working environment

Empower your teams with the right tools to stay safe in the workplace. Make safety a priority for your workers and be able to measure and assign accountability in the field. 

By implementing a safety-first standard process, you can ensure that your workers value these practices and permeate the entire organization.

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Identify safety risks ahead of time

Establish a clear communication channel for reporting hazards and spotting safety risks. Enable your team to raise common trends and weaknesses in your processes and connect with the right people to resolve them.

Proactively implement safety measures

Reinforce a proactive culture of safety with a robust safety management system. Use data-backed insights to implement emergency response drills and enhance your safety measures. Get that extra confidence in your team by recognizing and rewarding workers who continuously follow safety protocols.

Keep compliant with safety regulations

Follow safety regulations across all levels by establishing robust and effective standard procedures. Stay updated with the requirements and adapt them to your existing processes in your organization.

All your workplace safety needs in one place

Safety Audits

Toolbox Talks

Six Sigma

Pre-start Checks

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

PPE Checks

Safety Compliance

Lean & Kaizen

Risk Assessment

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Incident Investigation

Preventive Maintenance

Incident Reporting

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Near Miss Reporting

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SafetyCulture is the platform of choice for powering your safety management system

Keep your team aligned with safety practices

Promote a safer workplace by deploying training courses with the latest safety practices across your organization. Use bite-sized, interactive formats to implement detailed and engaging training programs without taking too much of your team’s time.

Stay on top of safety risks

Be informed of safety risks before they become bigger through the platform’s built-in issue reporting and automated monitoring system. Have your team and the right people be notified and be ready to respond in time while keeping track of your progress.

Streamline safety and health processes

Standardize, simplify, and automate health and safety activities in one platform for a safer and more productive work environment. Quickly capture field insights using digital checklists, safety audits, and risk assessments, and use these data to respond to incidents as they happen.

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Get up and running fast with dedicated onboarding support to meet your unique business needs. Our team of experts will help you navigate complex challenges and enhance operational efficiency with ongoing success support.

“Employees really see the value in SafetyCulture platform. It provides them with visibility, comfort and reliability, all vital for the safe day-to-day running of Jurassic Fibre.”

Gillian Huppler
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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common and effective way to enhance workplace safety involves the following: 

  • Carrying out employee training regularly 
  • Clearly communicating safety protocols across teams 
  • Conducting risk assessments 
  • Providing appropriate equipment and tools in safe conditions

Employees can contribute by following safety protocols, proactively reporting hazards, and participating in safety training. These practices need to be encouraged and monitored by management to maintain a culture of safety.

Safety training should be conducted on a regular basis, such as during onboarding for new employees, annually for all employees, and whenever new safety protocols or equipment are introduced.

Emergency preparedness plans enhance workplace safety by providing clear procedures for responding to emergencies, reducing confusion and panic, and ensuring a coordinated and efficient response to protect employees and company assets.

A strong focus on workplace safety boosts employee morale by demonstrating the company’s commitment to their well-being, leading to a better employee’s proactive participation in safety practices and productivity in the workplace.