Safety Induction

Provide customizable safety inductions specific to the tasks, generate reports, perform analytics, and document compliance with regulations and international standards.

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Oversee the end-to-end safety induction process

Transform your safety protocols with an efficient technological solution to simplify your onboarding process. Track progress, assess understanding, and maintain compliance from a user-friendly interface.

Seamlessly roll out inductions across all levels

Simplify safety inductions to save time and avoid operational disruptions. Provide a quick and complete access to introductory and refresher safety training for a more skilled workforce. Achieve higher productivity and efficiency while fostering a work environment where performance thrives.

Safeguard your workplace from risks

Implement safety protocols and mitigate risks effectively by tailoring training and guidelines specific to their roles. Secure peace of mind knowing your workplace is safe and follows health and safety standards.

Document Compliance in Protecting Your Workforce

Streamline the process of documenting compliance, making it easy to track and verify training completion. Ensure all learnings from safety inductions translate into action by keeping thorough records of site activities. Using this information, catch and address unsafe behaviors and practices early on to minimize incidents and maintain an impressive record for future audits.

All-in-One Health and Safety Induction Solutions

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Job Hazard Analysis / Job Safety Analysis

Permit to Work

Hazard Identification

Incident Investigation

Risk Assessment

Reporting & Analytics

Manual Handling

Housekeeping Checks

Vehicle Inspections

Pre-Start Inspections

Lone Working

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SafetyCulture is the most used safety induction platform worldwide

Broadcast new hazards and training instantly

Ensure your team is always up-to-date with the latest safety information. Quickly broadcast new hazards and necessary training to keep everyone informed and prepared. Enhance workplace safety by delivering timely updates and ensuring immediate access to essential training, fostering a proactive safety culture that minimizes risks and enhances productivity.

Gain visibility to drive continuous improvement

Unlock the power of data and reporting to enhance your safety inductions. Track progress, identify trends, and pinpoint areas for improvement with comprehensive data analytics insights. Use the figures to refine your training programs, leading to a safer and more efficient workplace.

Streamline safety and health processes

Standardize, simplify, and automate health and safety activities in one platform for a safer and more productive work environment. Quickly capture field insights using digital checklists, safety audits, and risk assessments, and use these data to respond to incidents as they happen.

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“At the end of the day, we’re a very busy site. There are lots of dangers but we keep them to a minimum — there’s lots of cranes, lots of lifting. It’s paramount we keep everyone safe.”

Scott Cam
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Frequently Asked Questions

The employers or designated safety personnel are legally responsible for conducting safety inductions. They should ensure that all participants receive thorough training and information relevant to their role and workplace.

Anyone entering a new workplace or environment—including employees, contractors, and visitors, in some cases—should undergo a safety induction to understand the unique risks and safety measures in place.

Safety inductions should be conducted before a worker formally performs their duties or whenever there is a change in workplace conditions, procedures, or policies that can affect their safety. Additionally, periodic refresher courses may be necessary to reinforce safety practices and update participants on any changes.

Yes, safety inductions may vary based on the specific roles, tasks, or locations of the employees. Tailoring inductions ensures that individuals receive training relevant to their responsibilities and potential risks at work.

Yes, technology allows for online or remote safety inductions. This type of safety induction is especially useful for decentralized workforces or when physical presence is impractical. These sessions typically involve interactive modules and assessments to ensure understanding.