Digitise your operations with SafetyCulture

Partnering with Tech in 20 members to digitally streamline and manage your operations 

Enhance the way your team captures data, identifies improvement areas, and collaborates.

The SafetyCulture platform is a mobile-first application that allows you to digitize all elements of your operations, finding areas of improvement every step of the way.

Conduct inspections ✔    Capture issues ✔    Manage tasks ✔
Communicate clearly ✔    Train working teams ✔

With this simple, easy-to-deploy app, your frontline workers become empowered to share what they see through conducting inspections, reporting observations, or logging and completing tasks.

In turn, leaders gain real-time insight into what’s happening across their distributed workforces, stay connected through engaging communications and discover new opportunities to turn insight into action.

Follow three simple steps to get started:

  1. Activate your free account
  2. Invite up to 10 colleagues to join you
  3. Get started right away with pre-populated templates, including:
    • General Permit to Work Template
    • Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign Inspection Checklist
    • OSHA Housekeeping Checklist
    • Safety Walk Checklist
    • Daily Pre-Start Safety Inspection

Can’t see a template that meets your needs? Check out our Public Library or create your own with our simple template builder.

Need help getting started? Please reach out to

Ben Thompson
Global Key Accounts Director, UKIMEA

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