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Aviva and SafetyCulture

Protect your assets, employees, customers and visitors and ensure compliance with key regulations by undertaking the right checks, via the world’s most widely used checklist app, SafetyCulture (iAuditor).

Follow three simple steps to get started.

  1. Activate your account.
  2. Invite up to 9 additional colleagues to join you.
  3. Start undertaking the right checks today.

Both SafetyCulture and the Aviva Risk Management Solutions team are here to support you to manage risk across your business. As well as utilising approved Aviva content, you can digitise your existing templates, turning. your paper or spreadsheet checks into live, working digital inspection documents to use across your team.

Aviva will continue to add to your digital inspections toolkit to help guide you in maintaining the highest safety and compliance standards.

As part of our ongoing support to our partner Aviva, all Aviva commercial customers will be offered dedicated support to be up and running quickly.

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