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SafetyCulture, formerly iAuditor

Simplify your inspections and share reports instantly with your team

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With adoption across manufacturing, mining, construction, retail and hospitality – iAuditor is flexible for any industry and use case.

Streamline your inspection process

Reduce time completing inspections by eliminating paper and manual data entry. Digitize any process, procedure, or policy easily: import an existing form, create with AI, or customize one of 100K free inspection templates available in our library.

Instantly share professional reports

Improve stakeholder visibility by immediately sharing inspection reports as soon as they’re completed. Keep an audit trail of all inspections completed in the one centralized location that can be accessed from anywhere.

Boost your team’s engagement and accountability

Automate and schedule reminders to ensure inspections will be completed on time. Prompt the right responses with field assignment and streamline response workflows with smart logic.

Connect your teams’ favorite tools to create powerful workflows

Bring greater visibility to your operation by connecting your inspection data to BI tools like Power BI and Tableau. Streamline workflows through integrators like Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate, or build your own custom integration using our public API.

Even more features to help your team improve with iAuditor

Check out how you can further streamline your operation with these product features.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks to keep the right people accountable, whether you spot something during an inspection or on the go.


Identify trends in your data to pinpoint problems and take immediate action

Sensors & IOT

By automating manual checks, you can reduce downtime and stock loss while protecting your assets and people.

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A fortune 500 company

“Using paper checklists, no one could see results of audits or the risks associated with poor processes. SafetyCulture allows us to see the results immediately and identify where we need to focus.”

Enrique Espinoza
Process Improvement Manager


As an operational platform, we empower customers to embrace continuous improvement at their workplace or organization. We understand that this is often left to managers while workers go unheard, so SafetyCulture brings everyone together in a team and allows them to turn their observations into opportunities.

Absolutely! SafetyCulture – formerly iAuditor, offers an easy to convert your existing checklists and forms into SafetyCulture  templates. Once imported, they’re fully customizable, so you can edit them to suit your needs. If your checklist or form is a bit more complicated than usual, we even have a dedicated team to help you create the template.

Yes, you can. With SafetyCulture – formerly iAuditor, you can create structured reports from the checks you perform. Depending on the stakeholders viewing your reports, you can even create report layouts to customize how they look for different scenarios.

Of course! We understand that not every industry has the benefit of working with a good internet connection every day. This is why we made sure our app supports environments where you don’t have an internet connection, allowing you to get your checks done and then synchronize the changes when you’re back online.

Not at all. Our Free Plan provides everything you need to start your journey of continuous improvement, including inviting and collaborating in a team of 10, conducting inspections and generating professional-looking reports, as well as communicating effectively with your team members.

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Yes! We have a feature called Actions, which allows users to track, assign and manage tasks related to safety and compliance, like creating and assigning tasks, setting due dates, tracking progress, and receiving notifications when tasks are completed. It also allows you to set up escalations for overdue tasks and ensure accountability for all tasks.

Award winning inspections, checklists and audits platform

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