Health and Safety Compliance

Simplify inspections, gather real-time safety insights, and stay ahead of potential risks to elevate safety standards and foster a safer workplace.

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Establish clear health and safety policies

Disseminate comprehensive health and safety policies that outline the organization’s commitment to maintaining a safe workplace and integrate them into the organization’s culture. Regularly review and update the policies to reflect any changes in regulations or workplace conditions. Ensure that the policies are easily accessible to all staff members.

Ensure active employee and stakeholder involvement

Promote a culture where health and safety are prioritized and valued by all employees. Encourage open communication about safety concerns and suggestions for improvements. Recognize and reward safe behaviors to reinforce the importance of safety. Lead by example, ensuring that management supports and participates in safety initiatives.

Implement incident reporting procedures

Establish clear procedures stipulated by relevant regulatory bodies for reporting accidents, injuries, and near-misses. Ensure that employees understand how to report incidents and feel comfortable doing so without fear of reprisal. Investigate all reported incidents thoroughly to identify root causes and implement corrective actions.

Track health and safety metrics for compliance

Use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress and identify areas for improvement. Conduct periodic safety audits and inspections to verify adherence to safety protocols. Leverage incident data to identify trends and prevent future occurrences.

Drive improvement across health and safety compliance measures

Incident Reporting and Management

Emergency Response Planning

Permit to Work Management

Audit and Inspection Management

Hazard Communication

Behavioral Safety Programs

Collaboration Tools

Risk Assessment and Management

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Compliance Tracking and Analytics

Equipment Maintenance and Inspection

Remote and Field Worker Safety

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Enforce health and safety compliance using SafetyCulture

Streamline safety and health processes

Standardize, simplify, and automate health and safety activities in one platform for a safer and more productive work environment. Quickly capture field insights using digital checklists, safety audits, and risk assessments, and use these data to respond to incidents as they happen.

Measure and evaluate safety performance

Adjust safety strategies based on performance data and audit findings using intuitive real-time reporting tools. Track safety metrics, identify improvement areas, and ensure all safety protocols are being followed by visualizing safety trends and benchmarking performance against industry standards and regulations.

Keep employees informed and trained on compliance measures

Offer easy access to health and safety plans, training materials, and policy updates through the platform’s mobile app. Ensure your team remains up-to-date on the latest safety measures by setting up regular reminders and alerts for continuous improvement and compliance.

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“SafetyCulture platform gives us a clear and concise picture of exactly where our statutory checks are in each school at any given time. With the support of SafetyCulture, we’ve seen a huge improvement in our audit scores for our internal health and safety audits.”

Graeme Staddon
Estates Officer, Hamwic Education Trust
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Frequently Asked Questions

Health and safety compliance software benefits organizations by streamlining safety inspections and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. It provides real-time insights and analytics, enabling stakeholders to identify and address potential hazards. The software also facilitates continuous employee training and communication on safety protocols, enhancing overall workplace safety.

Yes, health and safety compliance software can be customized by tailoring inspection checklists, reporting formats, and safety protocols to align with industry standards and unique operational requirements. The software can also integrate with an organization’s existing systems and workflows for seamless implementation. This ensures that all aspects of safety compliance are addressed efficiently and effectively.

Yes, this software can integrate with other systems like HR, payroll, and project management systems to ensure cohesive data flow and streamlined operations. This integration enhances efficiency by centralizing safety data and improving accessibility across departments. As a result, it supports comprehensive safety management and compliance tracking within an organization.

Health and safety compliance management software promotes continuous improvement by providing real-time data and analytics to identify and address safety issues. It enables regular monitoring and evaluation of safety performance, highlighting trends and areas for enhancement. The software also facilitates ongoing employee training and updates on best practices, ensuring that the workforce remains informed and proactive.

Yes, health and safety compliance solutions can help with regional regulatory compliance, ensuring that your organization meets local compliance requirements. The software updates regularly to reflect regulatory changes, providing you with the most current information. This allows you to maintain consistent compliance across multiple locations and jurisdictions.