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You have been assigned an action as an external member of someone’s SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor) team.

Are you ready to start assigning your own actions?

An action (a task or follow-up) is often created when an improvement opportunity is found – from a completed inspection, a raised issue, or sensor alert.

With just a few simple steps, you can create an action in SafetyCulture to track and manage any improvement task.

  • Assign an action to the right person every time: You can assign responsibility of an action to individuals, groups or teams, whether they are in your SafetyCulture team or not.
  • Track progress and follow-up: A collaborative timeline encourages teams to work together and move towards a resolution in minutes not days. You can set reminders and notifications to make sure the task gets actioned quickly by your assignee.
  • Identify trends and areas of improvement: Keep a record of every action created by your team. You can sort by assignee, site, or status so you only see what matters at any given time. Spot trends in actions to identify what areas need focus, or where training could be improved.

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