Pest Control

Improve your pest control operations, keep your facilities clean, and significantly reduce the chances of infestations from coming back.

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Safeguard your facilities

Protect the integrity and safety of your properties and facilities by conducting comprehensive pest inspections on a regular basis. Ensure that your team doesn’t miss anything when looking for signs of pests in your workspaces and facilities.

Address the root cause of infestations

Gain access to insights of your pest control inspections to investigate the underlying causes and impacts of infestations and make informed strategies to eliminate them. Easily establish a regular monitoring system and eradicate any remaining or returning pests in the premises.

Promote seamless communication among teams

Improve collaboration with your team and easily report any incidents or signs of pest appearance. Reduce the lag in communications and be able to take action and resolve issues faster.

Maintain safety compliance

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by keeping comprehensive records of your pest control efforts. Easily collate data and stay up to date with the latest regulations to keep your premises healthy and safe.

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Improve your Pest Control Process with SafetyCulture

Streamline and track inspections

Standardize, simplify, and automate pest control activities in one platform for a safer and more productive work environment. Quickly capture field insights using digital checklists, safety audits, and risk assessments, and use these data to respond to incidents as they happen.

Keep Everyone Aligned

Utilize the platform as a reliable communications channel for important announcements to keep everyone aligned with activities. Automate pest control activities with scheduling and easily track what is accomplished and what needs to be done.

Reinforce Best Pest Control Practices

Maintain the quality of your pest control measures through bite-sized training courses within the platform. Establish best practices for pest inspections and control procedures and easily roll out new practices when necessary.

Get unparalleled support from trusted advisors

Get up and running fast with dedicated onboarding support to meet your unique business needs. Our team of experts will help you navigate complex challenges and enhance operational efficiency with ongoing success support.

“HACCP is about mitigating risk and ensuring we do everything we can within our production to prevent food safety hazards. Using SafetyCulture platform, we have become a paperless HACCP company, which has given us greater operational efficiency and analytics to share back with our CEO.”

Sofia Dias
Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial properties are recommended to do monthly or bi-monthly pest control visits since they are likely to attract pests. Areas with high seasonal pest activity may require additional treatments during peak times of the year.

Most pest control treatments require two to six weeks to fully eliminate an infestation, with follow-up visits often needed for complete control. However, this depends on the type of pest you’re dealing with. Quarterly or bi-annual preventative treatments are recommended to ensure the eradication of the pests.

Yes, in most cases it is significantly cheaper to do your own pest control compared to hiring a professional service. Pest control products tend to cost less than professional treatments and you will also be able to address issues immediately without waiting for a visit.

The key sign that you need a professional pest control service is when your organization can no longer control the infestation. Keep an eye on unexplained property damage like gnawed furniture, chewed wires, and holes in walls, which can indicate a pest infestation beyond your control.

The key to preventing pest infestations in the future is to eliminate the conditions that attract pests in the first place. Ensure that pest control activities are thoroughly conducted and monitored properly.