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What is an Order Form?

An order form is a document that outlines the items in a customer’s order, the price and quantity of each item, and the customer’s preferred method of payment. Order forms can be used for a variety of products and services to help facilitate a customer’s request or intent to purchase. Aside from making sales much easier for the business, an order form can also help streamline their order processing workflows.

What Should Be On an Order Form?

Parts of an order form that you should include:

  • Company/Seller name and business address
  • Customer/Buyer name and billing address
  • Date of order
  • Order number
  • Item name and/or description
  • Price per item and quantity
  • Total amount to be paid
  • Expected delivery date
  • Payment information

Sample Templates 

Below are some sample templates that you can use as inspiration when creating your own order form and also download if you think only a few edits are needed to make them perfect for you:

Purchase Order Form 

A purchase order form is typically prepared when a business is offering to purchase a specific item and number of items from the product catalog of another business. Unlike the usual customer order forms, purchase order forms are more straightforward since it is an initiative of the buyer to issue the form to the seller.

Material Order Form 

A material order form is used in the construction industry to lay out the materials that the firm or on-site team needs from the supplier. The purpose of using a material order form is to clearly state the type and the quantity of materials that the firm is requesting. This list is then approved by someone within the company before being sent out to the supplier as a formal requisition.

Repair Order Form

A repair order form is used in facility maintenance and automotive repair to describe the problem or issue causing the need for repair. It can also specify the type of maintenance or repair that the object needs or leave that for the technician to decide once they check and inspect the object. Additionally, instead of price, a quote or estimated cost of service is provided in the repair order form.


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Explore more templates

Purchase Order Form Template
This purchase order form template is ideal for wholesalers or bulk orders. Use this purchase order form to do the following: State the purchase order date and number Clarify the shipping and payment terms Add as many items as you need to the order Record the tax rate, tax, shipping and handling fees Approve the purchase order by digitally signing
Material Order Form Template
Best used in construction, this material order form template can be used in a variety of settings that require the enumeration of materials needed. It can also act as a product order form template for purchasing managers, order fulfillment managers, and other relevant personnel to request and deliver necessary products. Further, you can do the following with this material order form: Set the shipping and billing address using GPS location Add the material code, type, description, quantity, size/dimensions, and price Specify the subtotal, tax, delivery fee, total, and expected delivery date
Repair Order Form Template
Auto repair shops and maintenance teams can use this repair order form template to document not only repair, but also other kinds of services. For auto repair, the template includes a list of common services requested and fields to record the vehicle’s year/make/model, serial number, and mileage. Maintenance teams in other industries can also use this repair order form to do the following: Attach before and after photos so that customers can see the difference the repair or service made in the report Confirm the date and time when repair or service started and ended Add the type, description, and cost of new and replacement parts
Book Order Form Template
This book order form template can be used in documenting a purchase order of books. With this customizable form, users can: Define order details Indicate total amount Add digital relevant signatures