Ways to use Heads Up

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Keep everyone in the know and break through the noise with Heads Up! Inform, alert and connect with your team quickly and confidently with acknowledgement.

Ways to use Heads Up

Safety Alerts:
- Require your team to acknowledge important safety notices regarding unsafe work environments, new industry regulations, compliance standards or internal protocols.

Quality Control:
- Alert your team of product recalls, faulty equipment, maintenance timelines or changes to inventory.

Change Management:
- Notify your team of changes to general processes, cleanliness protocols, brand standards, facility management or stock levels.

Workplace Notifications:
- Inform team of closures of sites, scheduling changes, running of equipment, environmental changes, transitions to/from working at home.

- Train teams on new or standard practices, new testing procedures for new equipment or digitize your toolbox talks.

Project Updates or Reminders:
- Keep staff engaged with regular status updates or reminders about a new production process, optimization project or on-site initiative.

Close the Feedback Loop:
- Respond to employee feedback, address failed items in inspections, share updates after an Issue was raised by your team, distribute supervisor briefings, learnings from workplace incidents.

iAuditor Enablement:
- Welcome and onboard newly invited team members or embed new processes when new templates or features become available.

- Congratulate teams when something goes well, share customer feedback, promote team activities or events.


Safety Process Alerts & Best Practices:
- Share safety awareness campaigns
- Advise of safety equipment training & protocol
- Remind team of driver and machinery safety
- Share process document changes
- Notify of WHS critical risks
- Advise of hardware or software changes

Organizational learnings:
- Digitize toolbox talk discussions
- Share learnings from workplace incidents
- Send leadership updates and insights

Technical Training:
- Advise of new processes or refreshers
- Share testing procedures before using new equipment

Urgent weather updates:
- Alert of site closures
- Notify of extreme weather warnings
- Share hot/cold weather best practices


Communicate Organizational Learnings:
- Learnings from workplace incidents
- Address failed items in inspections
- Close the loop on feedback

Safety Process Changes:
- Share legislation changes
- Advise of new health & safety procedures
- Announce changes to emergency and evacuation plans

Urgent Equipment Notice:
- Advise of damaged machinery, fix timeline

Advise Best Practices or Well Doings:
- Notify of best practice bulletins
- Acknowledge completed GEMBA inspections

Facilities Management

Workforce Administrative Changes:
- Notify of payroll changes
- Share internal system changes

New Safety Processes:
- Send reminders for equipment maintenance
- Alert team of site audit requirements
- Announce health & safety process changes
- Notify of weather changes impacting business

Technical Training:
- Alert of incident management processes
- Share learnings from recent workplace incidents

Employee Engagement:
- Send reminders to complete technical training
- Share staff recognition


Inventory Changes:
- Updates to regular product counts
- Notification of stock deliveries
- Advise of changes to suppliers & stock delivery timelines
- Notify of stock shortages

Team updates & reminders:
- Share coaching tips, safety topics
- Distribute regular usage summaries
- Notify of staff schedule changes

Technical Training:
- Alert of new processes
- Timely and engaging reminders for incorrect action


Quality Assurance:
- Alert of product recalls
- Updates to food quality checks
- Share new food recipes/ingredients
- Advise of new cleaning protocols

Inventory Changes:
- Advise of changes to suppliers & stock delivery timelines
- Notify of stock shortages


Safety process alerts & best practices
- Safety awareness campaigns
- Safety equipment training & protocol
- Driver and machinery safety
- Process document changes

Techical Training
- Distribute new competency assessments

Communicate Organizational Learnings
- Learnings from workplace incidents
- Address failed items in inspections
- Close the loop on feedback
- Leadership updates and insights

Inventory changes:
- Updates to regular product counts
- Notification of stock deliveries
- Announce changes to restocking procedures

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How DB Schenker rewrote the playbook on their frontline communications strategy with Heads Up!

iAuditor paired with Heads Up is engaging the frontline with the issues and messages that should matter to them most. They are proactively approaching the QSHE team with ideas, issues and actions.

“It’s nice to see that a feature as simple as this has made a difference to the frontline”.
- Tiffany Argent, QSHE Cluster Lead Manager