We spend a lot of time improving iAuditor.

Help shape our future by joining the iAuditor user research program.

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iAuditor User Research Program

iAuditor is continuously improving. Feedback from our customers is essential for shaping new features and assisting us in prioritising what we work on. By participating in this program you have a unique opportunity to assist us in building better products. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard.

How to get involved.

1. Sign Up

Click the link below to sign up and get involved. We'll collect a few details so we know who you are and what you'd like to participate in.

Sign up and get involved.

2. Get Invited

We'll send you invites with the time, location and what the session entails. If you're interested, we'll set up the appointment and have you join us.

3. Participate

Once you're on site we'll guide you through the process. Don't worry there aren't any hard questions or wrong answers.

Common sessions we run.


Web Surveys

Web surveys are one of our most used tools. You can conduct these surveys at home or in your workplace by yourself.



We love talking to people involved in WHS and safety management to find out how you work. These can be conducted in person at your workplace, at our offices or over the phone.

Usability testing

Usability Testing Sessions

You'll have an opportunity to try out new features before anyone else has seen them. This helps us ensure we're developing products that are easy to use. These usually take place in one of our offices where you'll work one on one with a researcher to give feedback.

Shape the Future of iAuditor

Join now and help us work out what to build next. This is your opportunity to help us build a product that helps you work faster and makes your workplace safer.

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