The Ultimate List of Safety Checklists
for Construction Sites

Take your construction site safety to the next level with this collection of best practice checklist templates from SafetyCulture. All the resources you need to provide world class safety on a construction site are in this package.

Built with the power of data science and paired with incredible knowledge of construction processes - this set of safety checklists for construction sites are an essential starting point for any construction safety team.

SafetyCulture’s package of construction checklist templates was built in collaboration with real construction companies. This real-world insight allows us to provide recommendations for how often you should do inspections - to make your team safer, while saving you time and money.

When you download one of the checklist templates below, they will be added to your SafetyCulture account. Don't have an account yet? Create one for free here. From there you can edit them to better suit your specific needs; adding additional questions and removing those questions not applicable to your team.

The set of inspection checklists below work best together. The science has taught us that these inspections, used as a set, get results for construction team safety. Hit download below and your team will be on the way to faster and easier, proven safety.

Weekly Site Safety Inspection

Use this weekly site safety inspection checklist to perform an extensive audit of a job site. Includes checks for first aid facilities, fire prevention, emergencies, site security, PPE, housekeeping, work benches, storage, rubbish, trip and fall safety, scaffolding, hazardous manual tasks, hand and power tools, general machinery, plant and equipment, ladders, electrical safety, chemical safety, confined spaces, and incident, injury and accident procedures.

Download template

When should I use this template?

Once weekly

Daily Pre-Start Safety Inspection

Use this daily pre-start safety inspection checklist each morning before work starts. Includes area to record types of work being completed, task breakdown, hazard identification, final checks and worker sign off.

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When should I use this template?

Every day prior to starting work

Toolbox Talk Meeting Record

Use this toolbox talk meeting template to record details from safety meetings and toolbox talks. Includes areas to record items from previous meetings, new safety issues to discuss, general business and an attendance log, with signature fields.

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When should I use this template?

At every toolbox talk

Incident Report - First Response Checklist

Quickly gather the facts about an incident, accident, injury or near-miss. Collect evidence regarding the event and take witness statements. Conduct full reports and simple investigations quickly with this incident report template.

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When should I use this template?

When an incident occurs

Full Incident Investigation & Report Checklist

Collect evidence, find root causes and investigate incidents, accidents, injuries, and near-misses. Create a comprehensive incident investigation report with witness statements, a timeline and evidence logs. Go deeper than an early incident report template.

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When should I use this template?

When investigating an incident

Construction Site Cleaning Checklist

Keeping a construction site clean can help reduce hazards. Use this construction site cleaning checklist during and after a project. Maintain housekeeping standards using this checklist.

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When should I use this template?

At the end of each week

Safety Walk Checklist

A safety walk checklist, also known as a management walkaround, puts managers in the field to observe work in progress and identify opportunities to improve the safety of work with the workers involved.

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When should I use this template?

As required

Vehicle Inspection Report

Use this vehicle inspection report checklist to ensure motor vehicle/s are safe and ready for use. Can be used to perform daily or monthly checks. Includes vehicle inspection, maintenance checks, documentation check, and a defect and damage log.

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When should I use this template?

Daily, Monthly

Focused, Specific Inspections

Short audit inspections focused on specific machinery, equipment and processes have been proven to reduce risk. Increase safety through short, focused, pre-task inspections on a construction site.

Pre-task: Crane Checklist (Lifting Checks for Crane and Hoist)

Use this checklist before all lifts and hoists to ensure crane, rigging, hoist and personnel safety.

Pre-task: Confined Space Checklist (Entry Briefing)

This confined space checklist is a pre-start safety check for permit required confined space works in construction.

Pre-task: Hot Work Checklist (Burning, Welding, and Grinding)

Complete this before doing hot works that require a permit such as grinding, welding and burning.

Pre-start: Excavation Safety Checklist

The excavation safety checklist is used prior to all construction site excavations.

It's in our name. We believe in creating and growing a safety culture in every team in the world. More than just compliance, safety can become a natural instinct for your team. Our mission is to give you and your team the tools to be the safest you can. We want every worker in the world to go home safe every day.

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