Retail Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Published April 1st, 2020

What are Retail Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

Customer satisfaction surveys are used to help businesses understand how happy or unhappy a customer is with the product or service being offered. Satisfaction surveys can help businesses learn what they are currently doing right and discover possible opportunities for improvement.

Customer surveys can be very effective tools for retail businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, franchises or hotels. Asking the right survey questions and choosing the right delivery method is critical to capturing and actioning on the right customer feedback.

This article will explain how retail businesses can benefit from customer surveys, how to ask effective questions and suggested tools to capture the right feedback.

How Retail Businesses Benefit from Customer Surveys?

Key to Improvement

Customer service is one of the most important factors for retail businesses to focus on. A bad customer experience can damage a businesses’ brand and reputation. Performing surveys early can help you identify areas of continuous improvement, rectify bad experiences and remain competitive. Surveys are also an important tool to measure the performance of your retail site or team and allow you tie performance incentives to survey feedback scores.

Fresh Ideas

Customer feedback is an opportunity to gather new ideas directly from the customers. Your best source of fresh ideas is often directly from your customers. Entirely new products or customized services can be uncovered from customer feedback surveys. Is there a need to add paleo-friendly selections on your menu? Are your hotel’s red carpets out of fashion? Is there a new spa treatment that your customers have tried somewhere? Is there a phone model that is very much in demand that your customers just keep on asking about? At a higher level, market research teams can also get insights on the direction of product development based on information gathered from customer satisfaction surveys.


Happy customers translate to customer loyalty. Happy customers are likely to return and share experiences with their friends and on social media. However, the flip side is a bad experience can also spread virally. Capturing feedback early during a customer’s visit or stay can also help you take action on complaint feedback immediately.

QUICK TIPS on Creating Customer Satisfaction Surveys for your Retail Business

Tip 1: Know your goals

What do you intend to find out for your business? Do you need to know why sales are plummeting or why customers no longer visit as frequently? Will your business remain competitive despite a new competitor that will open nearby or a change in pricing? Have the customers noticed and appreciated the change in ambiance? Do your customers think your establishment need a new paint job?

Tip 2: Right questions in the right amount

Your questions should be geared toward reaching your goal. Specific questions tend to get more specific answers. Do you want questions with yes or no answers only? Do you want customers to share their thoughts in text form? Do you want your customers to rate your business on a scale of 0-100? Also try to make the questionnaire as short as possible so you don’t bore your customers with 50 questions or else they may not complete the questionnaire.

Tip 3: Make it sound interesting

Remember to catch your customers’ short attention span and that they immediately know that answering your questionnaire will be worth their while. Will the “quick survey” take “2 minutes to complete”? Do you “need help” to improve the services that you currently offer at your local chain? Do you intend to provide an incentive in the form of a gift card or a free drink or a free meal?

Tip 4: Use the right tools

In this age of technology, you can save your customer’s time and not waste paper by using mobile devices, tablets and iPads, or kiosks. You can also be sure that your surveys are answered because the kiosk is right there in the same establishment while the customer is present versus a survey sent via email that has no guarantee of ever being seen. With electronic devices or kiosks, your customers can conveniently fill out customer satisfaction questionnaires onsite on apps like iAuditor. iAuditor works even while offline and you can have customers fill out a short questionnaire before they step out of your establishment while the customer experience is fresh.

With iAuditor you can set the scoring for your response sets and deploy your questionnaire template to targeted branches with kiosks. And everytime customers fill out a questionnaire, answers are saved and reports can be generated on the spot. Triggers can be set to send notifications for staff to take immediate action based on customer’s answer. iAuditor’s Analytics feature can help analyze all the gathered information and identify trends based on information gathered.


At the end of the day, it is the level of your customers’ satisfaction that determines if your business thrives or not. Onsite customer feedback surveys can be a barometer for customer satisfaction and can help businesses know if there’s a need to change something, find out where improvements can be made, or if there are pressing matters that need to be addressed by staff. Download these free retail customer survey templates you can use for free on the iAuditor app – the world’s #1 inspection app.

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