Thought Leadership

The customer is always right? Maybe not at the moment…

Dan Joyce, EMEA General Manager at SafetyCulture, explains how breaking hospitality’s golden rule can help the industry pull pints and raise safety standards.

5 tips to help supply chain leaders get safely back to business

Here are five tips to help companies safely navigate reopening.  

How hospitality businesses can plate up 5-star safety

Hospitality is undoubtedly one of the toughest industries and has been heavily impacted by COVID-19. SafetyCulture Head of Brand and Communications, Hayley Kerrigan, speaks to how there’s an opportunity to be found in offering stellar safety.

The new high street: navigating tomorrow’s retail landscape with tech

Dan Joyce, EMEA General Manager at SafetyCulture, explains how retail can tap into tech to pave a path to reopening.

4 vital ways hotels can encourage customer safety moving forward

As the U.S. edges further into the summer months, Bob Butler, Americas General Manager at SafetyCulture, outlines how hotels can encourage consumer confidence in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Building back after lockdown

Dan Joyce, General Manager EMEA of SafetyCulture, discusses the common pitfalls businesses should avoid when building back after lockdown.

Are workplace communication tools spreading your data too thin?

When WhatsApp announced modifications to its privacy policy, it sparked an exodus from the platform and ignited fresh concerns about big tech whittling away user privacy. The news was a wake-up call, and companies that were sleeping on the risks of using consumer software for business purposes are now wide awake.

Australia can create a world-class startup culture, but it must act now

Luke Anear, the founder and CEO of SafetyCulture, was invited to speak at the Australian Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology Select Committee. The inquiry examines how Australia can better foster startup culture and further its growth. This is Luke’s opening address on how to support the technology industry in Australia.