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Better together, training with edapp

SafetyCulture has joined forces with EdApp to offer iAuditor customers access 
to EdApp’s award winning mobile-first microlearning platform – free forever

Edapp is an Award winning, all-in-one mobile training solution with rapid authoring, free editable course library and a learner experience built for mobile. Get started today for free. Request your team owner or administrator to grant you access to our vast library of videos and courses.


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But what’s happened to TeamTrain?

SafetyCulture acquired EdApp because we believe it’s the world’s best mobile-first learning management system. The good news is everything we planned to deliver with TeamTrain has now been accelerated by at least a year. Probably more!

So what does this mean for TeamTrain?

You can continue to use TeamTrain for now and we will continue to provide full support for you. But the features won’t be developed further and there will be a ‘sunset’ on TeamTrain in the second half of 2021.

Before that time, we’ll be inviting you to transition across to EdApp where you’ll enjoy a richer and more powerful experience – completely free.

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