We believe that if you report the little stuff, you can prevent major incidents.


To empower your team to do this, we’ve built Spotlight. This is our vision for incident reporting:


Take action, be transparent

“Spotlight informs the relevant parties immediately”

Stuart Richardson
CEO / Aus Flight Handling

Real-time visibility

Your team get the information they need to fix problems and management get visibility to help keep their teams safe. With real-time alerts, there are no delays in communication.


Communicating how the issue was resolved

Show your team that you’re taking action on what they report. Resolve incidents and the incident reporter will be kept up to date to give them confidence you take it seriously.


Removing hurdles to reporting

“The amount of reports has dramatically increased since using Spotlight”

Paul Ley, Driver Team Manager / Arriva Trains Wales

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Putting the tool in your pocket

So often we hear stories of teams needing to return to base to log into an old computer or fill out a paper form that can easily get lost. We aim to remove this hurdle.


Save time with a simple process

We pride ourselves on limiting the steps you need to take to report the issue to get the information through as quickly as possible.


The incident report forms we’ve seen are laborious, with so many fields to fill out. This deters your team from reporting. We want you to throw away those clunky forms, especially for minor incidents and near-misses.


Creating a positive reporting culture

“This is easier for the team, and more fun!”

Jillian Aylett Brown, Manager of Business Systems / Mechanised Logging

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Incident reporting has a bad reputation and is normally looked at as a negative thing or even playing the blame game. We’re changing that by replacing the incident reporting form with a communication tool that the whole team can see and collaborate on resolving. It’s not an accident that Spotlight is green, let’s you take photos and use emoji.


Insights to prevent the big stuff

“Our target is to reduce interventions to zero, Spotlight will help us on that road”

Ramon Müeller, Technical Project Lead / SmartShuttle Swiss Post

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When you reduce the barriers to reporting, your team will report more. This allows you to get more visibility and learn about the common risks and issues to prioritise action you need to take and reduce the likelihood of future incidents.