Spotlight for Logistics

Easy issue reporting for common logistics issues

Unsafe Vehicle

Truck at Warehouse

Instantly notify Safety and Logistics teams to rectify vehicle

Damaged Packages

Damaged boxes on pallet

Instantly notify Distribution Center to prevent future damage


Pallet falling over

Instantly notify Safety Manager

Late Delivery

Late delivery

Instantly notify Distribution Center

Issue reporting made easy

No training required. Spotlight makes it so easy for your team to report. More issues will get reported.

Real-time alerts to the right people

With a couple of taps, the right people will get alerts to their phone in real-time. They can respond and resolve the issue, faster than ever before. All activity is logged in the timeline to export later on.

Workflows for your business

Define issue types for your business and create workflows to alert the right people. Use Spotlight for the use that matter most to your team (quality issues, hazards, and maintenance requests).