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PostAuto uses Spotlight as their incident reporting tool for their SmartShuttle driverless buses

Spotlight is 100% free for unlimited users. We’re aiming to introduce premium and enterprise pricing plans in late 2018, but the basic functionality of the app will remain free.

If you’re looking to roll out Spotlight in your company and need certainty around pricing for the future, please send us an email.

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Currently, no. In the future, definitely! Spotlight and iAuditor are made by the same company (SafetyCulture) and we are aiming to have the two products working together later in 2018.

Spotlight customers range from publicly listed companies to smaller businesses, across multiple industries. We have more case studies coming soon, but in the meantime you can view the customer list and watch some incredible case studies for our companies other app, iAuditor.

It works across iPhone/iPad and Android (v6+) as well as our web dashboard.

We use HTTPS secure connections for all services and all data is stored securely. Please contact us if you have specific questions around data security.

Why, of course! You can see use our help centre or contact us directly for assistance.

Definitely! We can show the full functionality and help you get the app configured. Just talk to us.

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One of our company values is to Think Customer. By making Spotlight free, we can get the app used by a wide range of people to hear feedback and better understand how we can help solve your problems with incident reporting. The goal is to build out functionality based on what our customers need and introduce premium and enterprise pricing plans in late 2018.

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Incident reporting made easy

No training required. Spotlight makes reporting so easy for your team. More incidents, quality issues, hazards, and near-misses will be recorded resulting in actionable info.

Real-time alerts to the right people

With a couple of taps, the right people will get alerts to their phone in real-time. Responding and resolving incidents is faster than ever before. All activity is logged in a timeline and can easily be exported.

Workflows for your business

Configure incident types for your business and create workflows for notifications. Use Spotlight for the incidents that matter most to your team (safety incidents, quality issues, hazards, near-misses, and maintenance issues).

Insights to uncover common issues

Over time, Spotlight will help you make sense of your incident data. You’ll be able to see patterns and prevent future incidents. You can see real-time stats inside the app or export a CSV to slice and dice the data as you wish.