Incident Report Form Templates

Organisations should use incident report forms as soon as an incident happens, no matter how big or small. This includes accidents, near-misses, and all events that result in an injury. When reporting internally, this may be as simple as recording details of the incident for future record, and may not require any additional actions to be taken.

You can use an incident reporting app, Spotlight to report these incidents in an easy way or download the templates below into iAuditor.

For notable incidents (incidents which resulted in death or serious injury), organisations should also complete a more detailed investigation. You may also need to complete and submit additional reporting to their local regulatory authority.

An incident report is a form or template that should be completed after an incident has occurred. Incident report forms are usually quite simplistic, allowing for quick collection of data to summarise an incident. They are usually completed soon after it has occurred.

If further investigation into an incident is required, an organisation can use an Incident Report - Full investigation template to collect additional information about an incident, as well as suggest corrective actions to prevent similar incidents happening.

Over 100,000 people use iAuditor each month to complete quality and safety inspections. Through an understanding of this data, a team of researchers and data scientists have put together world-class, data driven incident report templates to improve safety worldwide. Download a free template and try it for yourself today.

Incident Report Template

Incident Report Form - First Response Template

Quickly gather the facts about an incident, accident or injury. Includes incident types such as hazards, near-miss, slip & fall, accidents, theft, fire, property damage, fatality and more. You can also attach photos, documents and other evidence.

Incident Report Template

Incident Report Form - Full Investigation & Report Template

Collect evidence, find root causes and investigate incidents, accidents and injuries. Create a comprehensive incident investigation report. Go deeper than an early incident report template, attach documents, photos and other evidence.

Incident Report Template

Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM) Template

This ICAM Investigation Report Checklist is used to assist in the investigation of incidents, accidents and near misses in the field and has been used extensively across the aviation, rail, road, mining and petroleum sectors.

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Incident report forms

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