SafetyCulture Experience Trip Bangladesh

A team from SafetyCulture took an experience trip to Bangladesh to learn about safety in a developing country. For one week, the team visited local factories in the garment and manufacturing industry, gaining powerful references to what safety looks like in various working environments. This trip highlighted the global problems SafetyCulture is trying to solve and helped our team understand the true human cost of not upholding safety standards.


A Tale of Two Cities: My SafetyCulture Exploration of Working Conditions in Bangladesh

Before I left for my trip I sat down at dinner with my parents. My parents, who typically have greater than average travel anxiety for my trips, no matter the location, proceeded to question me on my motivations for volunteering to visit Bangladesh. [Read Alex's Story]


Bangladesh 2017

Before Bangladesh I had never traveled overseas (I am told that New Zealand doesn't count). I had never really left my bubble in Townsville, having travelled very little and only moving to Sydney four months earlier. I honestly had not put much thought into the trip before we boarded the plane, besides when we were going and what I needed to take… and of course checking Smart Traveller. [Read Brandon's Story]


The challenge towards a safer worker environment: a week in Bangladesh

I recently visited Bangladesh with a team from SafetyCulture. The purpose of the trip was to experience an environment where safety standards may not exist or are not adhered to (at least not to the degree they are in the Western world) with the aim being to better understand how relevant our work and our mission, to "save lives" and "save time," is in countries like Bangladesh. [Read Dimitri's Story]


Bangladesh - Not Just Chaos and Traffic

I am Alexandre, a Frenchman who just turned 30. I am engineer in software development and I have been working at SafetyCulture for little over a year. I come from a middle class family, my grandparents were farmers and my parents completed basic study to work in an office environment. [Read Alexandre's Story]


Reconsider your need to travel

Those will be the words that greet you when you go to look for travel information on Bangladesh. This is followed by a few anecdotes about various hostage events and a general note on the "persistent threat of further terrorist attack," not exactly confidence inspiring for a trip that is going to show us the safety standards of a developing nation. [Read Alan's Story]