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Digital checklists and resources to help create sustainable, efficient, and greener retail operations 

Reduce waste, lower emissions, and streamline your retail operations with the support of SafetyCulture’s digital operations platform. We’re committed to supporting our customers to gain greater visibility and control over their carbon footprint and providing the tools they need to empower frontline staff to take ownership for building sustainable working practices. 

UK retailers can benefit from ready-to-use digital audit templates on sustainability and issue reporting as part of SafetyCulture’s Retail Sustainability Initiative. Sign up for free using the form and access: 

SafetyCulture (iAuditor) offers a mobile-first approach to digital audits, supporting your retail organisation to review processes in accordance with certifications such as ISO14001 and ISO50001, and an easy way to compile mandatory evidence for those obligated to submit for the UK Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) by December 2023. 

With the UK energy bill crisis set to hit business and increasing pressures to contribute to the drive to Net Zero, make sure you play your part in reducing your environmental impact: and get started for free today.  

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“Now we have clear evidence that our procedures really work. When compliance is low, we see more stock loss. It’s hard to argue with that data in front of you.” Ben Deeks, Head of Retail Profit Protection for JD Sports

- Ben Deeks, Head of Retail Profit Protection for JD Sports

"It's such an easy system to use on an iPhone, you can fill out checklists and submit it straight away ... Because SafetyCulture is a live system and evolving, everything gets updated automatically"

- Jon Picken, Retail Sales and Operations Manager

“SafetyCulture platform has shaved off a massive amount of time” when it comes to inspections

- Curtis Dwyer, Profit Protection Officer at American Golf