Let's raise it together

Say hello to our new look

Luke Anear | 28th Oct 2019

Today, we’ve revamped the visual identity of our brand to reflect the diversity of our customer base, bring new energy and passion, and set ourselves up for the next phase of growth. From the inside out, we’re raising our game in pursuit of becoming one platform with thousands of possibilities across every industry.  



You’ve been a part of our journey since the beginning

Seven years ago, iAuditor by SafetyCulture was born out of a garage in a regional town of Australia. Together with a small team, we built an inspection app for workers across the world. Our mission was simple: to reduce fatalities in your workplace and to put safety into the hands of everybody. You helped our safety tool quickly grow into something bigger than we could ever imagine. You told us how easy inspections were with iAuditor, and we have learned that your workplace incidents are reducing every year. You told us how invaluable it was to have data at your fingertips and to see what’s working and what’s not. From aviation to retail, construction to hospitality, you accelerate decisions and actions in almost every industry across the world.



You asked for more. You wanted to raise the bar in your business. So, we rose to the challenge. You helped us reimagine report creation, analytics, and how we could empower workers to turn issues into actions. 

We started growing up, too. Four years ago, we graduated from the garage. Today, we are a family of 350 bright, talented people working across the globe to help you tackle your daily challenges in the workplace. We are one team focused on helping you improve your operations and reduce risk. 

There are 26,000 teams using the SafetyCulture platform, and together, you’ve saved the world over 400 million pieces of paper so far. Since you’ve started reading this, 54 new inspections have been completed. 


Now we’re ready to start a new chapter — together



Those numbers are just the beginning. We are moving beyond inspections. We now provide hardware for monitoring fridge temperatures in the cold supply chain. Early next year, you’ll see incident reporting. And soon, we’ll add team training and asset telematics to our platform, so you keep track of your assets better. 

What matters the most is that today, you and your teams are stretching your potential. You’ve found a way to make an impact on your business. Your frontline has a voice that can be heard. And, the problems that keep you up at night, those are the challenges that keep us going every single day. Our hopes and dreams for the future aren’t written in the stars. We write them ourselves. 


Mobile inspections were just the beginning

We’re pretty good at safety and quality, so let’s go further. Let’s evolve our platform and explore new frontiers of disruption. The pieces of the puzzle are clear to us now: tasks, incident prevention and management, sensors, and team training. Now, imagine the puzzle coming together — everything you need to raise your game in one place. 

Let’s do it better, together. 

Let’s go beyond our potential. 


Let’s raise it together.


"iAuditor is a simple yet highly effective off the shelf tool to help us grow our safety practices within the organisation. It is user friendly and provides us with quick access on a mobile device to a number of different tools and information to help us better shape our business and decisions around food safety."

Nathan Evans, Food Operations Manager