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A few facts about SafetyCulture

  • We’re working to transform the $150B safety and quality assurance industry
  • SafetyCulture iAuditor has been used to conduct more than 30 million inspections
  • Thousands of companies rely on our app to create smart checklists, conduct on-site inspections, analyze data and share insights in real-time
  • By using SafetyCulture iAuditor daily, a NYC restaurant can improve from a B to an A rating with the Health Department
  • SafetyCulture iAuditor is used 50,000 times a day in over 80 countries
  • SafetyCulture's second app, Spotlight, is an incident reporting app that allows teams to act immediately, with real-time alerts for incidents, hazards and near-misses.
Luke Anear
Luke Anear

CEO Profile

As SafetyCulture's Chief executive officer, Luke is responsible for the day to day management of SafetyCulture. He works closely with the software engineering teams and drives the innovation behind the SafetyCulture products.

Luke was a workers compensation investigator and practice manager for Lee Kelly & Associates in Sydney until 2002. Luke also worked as a lead investigator for the Music Industry Piracy Investigation Unit (MIPI) and was involved in complex investigations with the Australian Government Solicitor's Office.

After witnessing the cost of workplace accidents to thousands of victims, their families and their employers, Luke began developing a system for managing safety in the workplace and in 2004 that concept became a reality.

Luke has presented keynotes and presentations to conferences and companies across the world.

Today, Luke is focused on empowering workers with resources and information to work safer, and remove the cost burdens associated with workplace safety.

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Building an App: The Journey
We are often asked who we are and how we create the apps we produce. This short video answers some of those questions and gives people an inside look at the app creation process at SafetyCulture.

Luke Anear - TEDxTownsville
Every 15 seconds, one worker dies somewhere in the world. Tech entrepreneur, Luke Anear envisions a world where every worker can go home safe. In this talk, Luke explains how he created a safety checklist app to empower front line workers, revolutionising an unsexy industry one checklist at a time.

Office Culture

View our Sydney and Townsville career videos to see what it’s like to work at SafetyCulture

Our Townsville office
Living and working at SafetyCulture head office in Townsville really is the best place to be. Why? 300 days of sunshine a year. Our office is in the heart of the CBD close to restaurants, bars and a beautiful beachfront esplanade. With 180,000 people living here, you'll never battle traffic. Did we mention we have the Great Barrier Reef and Magnetic Island on our doorstep? You'll also enjoy the super fast internet.

Our Sydney Office
Sydney is for you if you enjoy the hustle and bustle. It has a great quality of life with a hive of activity including world famous landmarks, great restaurants and iconic beaches. Our Sydney office is in an area with great facilities and easy access via transport.

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Level 10 Construction
Working on a 54-story high rise building in the middle of downtown San Francisco comes with its unique challenges. One million people commute into the city on a daily basis. Level 10 Construction needed to ensure the building could resist earthquakes of an 8.0+ magnitude and be occupiable the very next day. SafetyCulture iAuditor was number one tool of choice to ensure not only the safety of workers, but the one million commuters surrounding the site each day. They performed 2.5 million man hours with no loss-time injury.

Coles Australia uses iAuditor to manage their safety inspections over 760+ stores. Delivering the highest standard of quality and safety across 760 stores and 100,000 staff, is as worthy as challenges come. This case study explores how iAuditor simplified their audit process and empowered their staff to make safety and quality a priority.