Actionable data from the point of risk

The iAuditor mobile app and platform combine to provide a single operating system to raise standards together. Manage multiple business locations, gather better data, create and resolve corrective actions, and gain the insight into critical areas to instantly assess risk.

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Minimise client risk by enabling safer working environments

Improve visibility across your entire book with real time risk and safety data.

Reduce loss exposure across your portfolio.

Improve retention rate by providing a valuable technology solution to your customers

The world's leading mobile inspection tool

iAuditor provides a single platform for your inspections. Manage multiple business locations easily, gather better data, create and resolve corrective actions - and gain insight into critical areas.

Manage multiple business locations in real-time with instant visibility. At a glance insight into inspection results, corrective actions, frequently failed areas, analytics, and schedules.

Create PDF, Excel, CSV reports and more from the inspection data. Share reports via a web link, automatically archive it or send in an email.

See real time key trends, non-compliances, inspection failures and more instantly.

The mobile tool for gathering data insights
from the point of risk

Corrective actions

Fix small issues before they become big

Create correction actions from the web platform or mobile app. Send notifications, issue reminders and monitor task completion.

Schedule inspections

More inspections completed on time

Send inspection schedules directly to the worker’s device. Create recurring inspections, set the timeframe, and assign it to a group or individual.

Failed area insights

Know what to improve before it becomes critical

Set failed responses to trigger an alert when it fails. Get a bird's-eye-view of frequently failed areas to understand the problem.

Detailed analytics

A snapshot overview or drill into detail

Visual dashboards provide performance information in real-time. Track inspection frequency, scores, and group or individual performance.

Roles & Permissions

Limit the permissions of team members

Role-based access control within iAuditor allows you to control who sees mobile forms and results. Provide your workers with only the information they need.

Integrations & API

Gain even more valuable insight by using our integrations and API

Send data from iAuditor to your own systems. Extract data or feed it into a business intelligence solution.

Team up with SafetyCulture

Used for more than 50+ million inspections in over 80 countries.

From hotels and airports, to construction sites and supermarkets, iAuditor helps businesses get results.

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